Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 1/11/2008, 1/12/2008, 1/13/2008, 1/14/2008, 1/15/2008

From my house, with love...


Yesterday and today were full of preparations for JAM's tour and the Korea event.

Every day, the weather in Tokyo is nice and warm, but according to some information on my BBS, Korea is extremely...cold. (;´ー`)┌ Awww...

By the way, I'm at a certain site. (LOL) There's always delicious-looking Chinese tea, and right here there's good alcohol. (LOL)

I received this bottle from a fan. The mellow and rich flavor makes other alcohol look like water. Wow! This must be the rare "Hagi no Kura Unprocessed Sake." But it's all gone now. (LOL)

A good day to start a trip

Well, I'm finally departing for Korea. I'm getting out good old Mr. Suitcase. Of course I'm looking forward to the live, but I'm always looking forward to hotttttt food. (LOL) Well, I picked a good place to sing for the first time this year. I want to take all of the chances I can this year. Everyone in Korea, wait for me!

Anyohaseyo! 1


Yesterday we got to Korean after 10 PM. Then we drank a little bit.

It wasn't a little bit. (LOL)

So! It's the first stage of this year, and I'm with Mizuki-san.

Rehearsal just finished. I'm looking forward to the show.

I'll work hard zeeeeeeeeetto!

1 "Hello" in Korean

Second day in Korea


Tonight's live was on fire. Everyone said I was great, but the Koreans' passion was great.

At the beginning of the show, the lights over the audience went out and they started doing the "Aniki call" all together. (LOL) "Hey, is it okay for me to come out while this is going on?" I asked. I got kind of impatient (LOL)...but during the SE it became the "Dani call." Honestly, I was relieved. (LOL)

They said that singing and MCing all in Japanese was okay, so I could talk to everybody without stressing.

When I performed alone, from "We Are!" to "Smile," I felt moved and grateful that Japanese anime and tokusatsu songs are loved so much in Korea.

Then, after Mizuki-san's performance, there was an encore. We sang "Psybuster" and "Majinger Z" together.

This was the country that I said I wanted to go to in the survey in the JAM book. I got to go to Korea and it was the first time I performed this year, so 2008 is already looking like a good year! I'll do my best! Everybody in Korea, thank you. Next time, I'll see you as one of the six members of JAM.

And soon I'm going to meet another of the alpha and omega strongest legendary men. (LOL) Two shows 1 with my Shimoseki brother, Yuuzou-san.

1 Not sure on this

I'm home

Yesterday was shopping day in Korea.

The weather was great...but it was -7 degrees. (LOL) From the soles of my feet to the marrow of my bones, I felt frozen.

We went to a lot of different stores and walked around and looked at everything from groceries to clothing.

Of course I looked at the groceries. (LOL) Especially the capsicum (coarsely ground). 500 grams can kill or injure somebody, or not... It was considered a weapon at the airport, and they stopped me and they got angry and pushy with me. (LOL) Yep, Korean power.

And I was delighted that I could have makgeolli every day. (LOL) I got up at 5 AM! As soon as I arrived in Tokyo, I met up with everyone for the JAM rehearsal. The members and the band and the staff were all great! We finished the first day in good shape.

But there's a huge pile of things that I personally need to work on. (LOL) I'll work really hard, so I'm looking forward to it.

I also had a long-awaited reunion with Hikarudo. Let's work together on the tour and do our best!

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