Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 12/8/2007


I'm actually really bad at campaigning...

It's because I have to spend the whole day takling about the same thing. (LOL)

Right, I have to keep up my spirits. Right, it's my own problem. Can I act energetic, no matter how tired I am? That's the main thing.

But, I can do my best because my friends are there...the reporters who take the time to interview me. The ones that have a good personality and talk to me even a little bit.

I'm grateful to those people.

Also to the papers and electronic devices that these people use to send our information to millions of people. That's important, of course. It's matter-of-fact, but a campaign is important.

However, I don't really understand presales.

Even yesterday, the kids in Nagoya said, "You missed Nagoya." But, we didn't neglect Nagoya, we came to do the campaign here... (LOL)

However, no matter how many presales there are, regular tickets are still going to be sold too.

Because I'm a pro, I'd like to think that I'm right, but I honestly don't get it.

If these annoying problems persist, the most important thing, the fans, are going to get bored, aren't they? Amen.



Anisupa is starting now! Please watch it!

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