Friday, January 25, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 12/28/2007, 12/29/2007, 12/31/2007, 1/1/2008, 1/5/2008, 1/6/2008


Three days left


in this year too, now...

I wonder if this was the last day of work for a lot of people?

This was tentatively the last day of work for my office, too.

So I was at my office doing end-of-year cleaning all day.

Everyone worked hard this year.

Let's try not to wreck the office (LOL) again next year!

By the way, the JAM Project's homepage has been redesigned. Also, we decided to add some dates to the tour.

March 20: Osaka, Festival Hall
April 3: Tokyo, NHK Hall

Wow, so much...

I'll have to work hard.

I'll work hard!

Yeah, hit me with your best shot!

So, people who are coming to the Solid Vox party tomorrow, let's enjoy the end of the year!

...even though it's raining...


Final singing of the year

Solid Vox party


Good work everyone.

Did the people who came have fun?

It's the last time this year I'm singing.

Thanks to everybody, I could enjoy singing with no problems! Thank you!

Let's do a lot of fun things next year, too!

Well, now I'm going to an end-of-year party!

I'm gonna drink a lot!!

See you later (^_^)v


New Year's Eve



Just a little bit left...

I'm writing this while I'm watching the Kouhaku.

JAM's gonna perform there next year...

When I think that while I'm watching, I feel kind of strange.

This year, for the people who cheered me on, and for the fact that I could sing without any problems, I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart.

There were new meetings, and painful separations...

It all makes me want to be myself and sing with a smile again next year.

May we all have a good year.

Let's work hard!

Goodnight. (^_^)v

A Happy New Year!



New Year!

In 2008

Masaaki Endoh

will continue making progress with "always full voice!"

Please cheer me on this year, too! <(_ _)>


New Year's gift

On the market


how much would this cost?

5,000 yen?

10,000 yen?

Both giving and receiving New Year's gifts makes me happy.

But, lately, I haven't received any...

It's only natural. (>_<)

Are New Year's gifts a custom only in Japan?

Since I graduated high school and came to Tokyo, I haven't spent any New Years back in the country.

So I can't give New Year's gifts to my nephew and nieces.

I'm sorry that I'm that kind of uncle...

I've been thinking...

Next time I go home, I'll give them to you, so just wait!

But when I go home, I'll certainly be broke... (;^_^A

Well, it's not how much it costs, it's the thought that counts. Children of Japan, please remember this.

But kids probably don't understand that kind of adult sentiment...

Let's do our best, adults (^_^)v

Well, it's time for my New Year's mood to end.

This year, even when I'm alone, I'll send my songs out to a many people!






happy birthday!

Today, I had the honor of appearing in Aniki's birthday live.

Aniki's 60th birthday...

He had a great 60th birthday.

He's a powerful singer.

He's a tender person.

I'm going to work hard every day so that I can look forward to a wonderful 60th birthday like Aniki's!

Aniki, thanks for your hard work. It really was a wonderful live.

Let's work together in the future. <(_ _)>


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