Friday, January 4, 2008

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 12/13/2007, 12/14/2007, 12/15/2007, 12/16/2007, 12/17/2007


I keep neglecting my diary. σ(^_^;)  Sorry! I'm fine!

Yesterday, in preparation for the end of the year, I finally went to get a haircut. Whenever I get a shampoo or a massage, I feel nervous and guilty for some reason... It's a character flaw of mine, but whenever I received something, I feel bad. (LOL) On the other hand, I love giving. (LOL)

That soft-heartedness has caused me all kinds of problems. (;´ー`)┌ Ha ha ha.

Then, after my haircut, I recorded a draft of a song at home. I'm not in a rush but I was asked to write this song before. It's a pretty depressing enka. 1 (LOL) I'm telling you, I have to make a lot of decisions about this.

Anyway, today is rehearsal and the big chatroom meeting.

1 Enka is a traditional Japanese form of singing.



Rehearsal for age-san's live tomorrow? today?, and after that, a chat on Solid Vox. I used it as a platform for news. I chatted until 11:00. (LOL) And I stuttered. (HA HA)

Niisan and Chiini and Makkun are doing preliminary recording for JAM. Thanks for your work.

And today, I planned to go to bed early, but...when I started drinking, before I knew it, it was past 2:00. (;´ー`)┌

Oh no! My complexion! (LOL) I have to go to bed! Zzzz...

Anyways, they've announced the band for the tour! Bass is Ikuo-chan, and drums is Hideki! o(⌒▽⌒)ツ For details, look at JAM's official site.



Yesterday was the annual age-san event.

First, I did one solo song for the opening. Today, I had too much energy, and I was too strong, and when I sang my jaw came unhinged...I think. (LOL)

Yesterday, various important things happened. (HA HA) Thanks to all of the age users, we sold 50 Hiroshi Kitadani original towels! There are only 6 left! They'll definitely sell out at the Perfection live. If it doesn't happen, then I can't begin a new year. (LOL)

Everyone who came, thank you for your smiles and cheers yesterday. And to the performers and band members, good work. To the people who couldn't come, thank you for cheering us on from home!

Now, today is solo live rehearsal!

The mask straps made my ears hurt... (LOL)


Yesterday was solo live rehearsal.

The culmination of a year of monthly lives...It's kind of emotional...Through it all, Hideki was always a comedian. (LOL) While performing with JAM, keep it up. (LOL)

The set list is louder than usual, and I wound up singing too jaw hurts. ( ̄▽ ̄;) Everyone, please look forward to the Perfection live on the 22nd.

Also, at the final dinner, we went to the usual shop, and I ate as much as usual. Ahh, my jaw hurts. (LOL)

Anyway, starting now is the JAM recording...

No Border


Yesterday was JAM's recording. It's going to become next year's slogan, so it's an important song. It's full of various wishes and thoughts. Also, we met the band members. I'm looking forward to the live tour.

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