Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 1/7/2008, 1/8/2008, 1/9/2008, 1/10/2008, 1/11/2008

Starting work

Starting today, at my office


work began.

So, first thing in the morning, we had our first all-staff meeting.

Apparently, the staff all relaxed over New Year's.

That's good.

Alright! Playtime is over. (LOL) Starting today, let's work hard all year again! (^.^)/

A lot of New Year's cards arrived at my office.

Thank you. Please continue to support me this year. <(_ _)>

Here's some business-related communication!

Asami-chan and Kuribo: you didn't clean your desk up at the end of the year! The new year has already started, so follow Miyamoto's example and clean properly! Jerks!


Well...I still have to clean my house up properly...


Waaaaaah! (>_<)





it was warm.

It seemed like the end of March.


If it stays like this...

the cherry blossoms will bloom soon.


we still haven't seen any snow.

I wonder if it'll snow this year.

It's supposed to get cold now.

I hope I don't catch cold before the JAM lives.

I have to be careful.

Today is also Kuwagaki-kun's 1 birthday.


Happy birthday.

It's the same birthday as Elvis Presley and David Bowie.


What a waste. (LOL)

Let's both straighten up and work hard.

Let's work together. (^_^)v


1 I translated his name as "Kuma-chan" in Kitadani's diary. I honestly don't really know how to pronounce it...

Things I forgot

Today on the radio


we recorded with a guest.

I left the house with plenty of time to spare.

I soon realized that I'd forgotten my wallet.

That would've been bad...

After that, while I was waiting at the bus stop, I realized that I'd forgotten the MP3 player I always carry.

Oh no...

I had time, so I went back to get it.

I went home and then went back to the bus stop.

Then the next bus came and as I was about to get on it, I realized that this time I'd forgotten my cell phone.

What the heck is going on...

If I don't have my phone, I'm in trouble.

I went back to get it.

So thanks to all that, I lost all of the time I had.

So I barely made it in time... (>_<)

Looks like if I have extra time, I forget things.

Looks like I need to be nervous...


I demolished my hair

An old




I remember those days.

I experienced the world. (LOL)

I wonder how many of the dreams that I had at that time came true.

Well, I'm grateful that I can sing happily today.

And I earnestly hope that I can still sing happily no matter how many decades from now...

Hmm...I wonder if I should grow my hair again.



111 ↑



Today, three 1's are lined up.

If I played pachinko today, would I win?

Well, I don't play pachinko, so it doesn't matter.

I have a premonition that something good is going to happen... o(^0^)o

This morning, I watched "Today's Horoscope Countdown" on TV.

I was 9th...hmmm...not so good... (>_<)

Next up is "Blood Type Champion." How's that?

Third place...wahhh, leave me alone... (T.T)

Well, since I don't believe in fortune-telling, whatever.

However, I spent all day thinking, "What's gonna happen?"

It was just a hunch... (・_・)


But, I wonder if nothing happening was a good thing?

Was it the "good thing" that I'd hoped for?


No way!

If I think about it, there were a lot of little good things that happened today.

Ha ha ha. (^_^)/

Days where nothing happens

Days that go by with no problems are the happiest, right?


Somebody said, "You make a profit just by living!"

It's true.

I'll work hard tomorrow, too!


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