Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 12/23/2007, 12/24/2007, 12/25/2007, 12/26/2007

Thank you, everybody!


Yesterday was the last chapter of my monthly lives. It rained, which is unusual. I wonder if that was sad rain for us...

First of all, the Shibuya Cyclone was the first "house." The green room and the stage and guest seating area were big, so it was good! As soon as I entered the building, I ran into a huge floral arrangement. It said it was from "All of the awakers." (iдi) Don't make me cry!

There were a lot of flowers from other fans and groups of fans too...I'm going to try to thank everybody.

So, of course that motivated me. Before the band members went out on stage, we yelled "Let's have a fun show with no regrets!"

From the first song, everyone was in perfect unison. That almost made me cry. To all the members, for your M-Jump, and for your smiles this year, thank you so much.

People who came to see me from far away, people who came to every show, people who came in the middle, people who didn't do any of this but still supported me: because I could feel your love, I could run around in this space I love with all of my might. Thank you.

After it was over, the members of Dani's said such kind words to all of the Hiroshi Kitadani fans...when I heard those words, I got emotional again...

I will carry the people that I met while I was performing these monthly lives for people, and also the memories that I was able to give those people this year, in 2008 with gratitude.

Merry Christmas! I want to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas. Also, today is the guitarist Koukei's 24th birthday. Happy birthday.

Don't make this old man cry... (LOL)

Also, I should be focusing on tomorrow's Jumpfest, but...I was so happy that I drank too much. (LOL)



I instantly woke up at the end of my nap. For some reason, I can always get up the second I open my eyes. Always! Without delay...maybe it's because of the pressure...I wonder whether I actually sleep soundly? (LOL)

Yesterday, I left the house with plenty of time left. I walked in really really early, like I was supposed to be there. (LOL) I had so much time, I could've made tea. (LOL)

So I used that time to prepare for the concert. As usual, there were tons of people there. Apparently, on just the first day, there were close to 100,000 people.

First, I was at the Marvelous Booth, at the Yugioh stage with Psychic Lover. In the excited audience I spotted the yellow towel and wristband that I've become used to seeing. (LOL) I was so comfortable and happy! Thank you!

Next I was at Touei Animation. Since there were voice actors and the One Piece group there, I participated in a talk as well as sang. The talk was kind of racy...(LOL) And a lot of characters were invoked...

I am so, so grateful that a theme song that I sang eight years ago is still loved so much by One Piece fans!

Then, when I got home, I ate a pirate lunch, and then drank at night. However, I wasn't sleepy, for some reason. It must've been because I was still riled up after two days of excitement.

Good work, everybody, and thank you.

When I tried to post on my message board, it was marked as spam. (LOL) How come? Since I can't post it there, I'll post it here.

"Thank you for support!  
Thank you from this which is very nice!"

New friends and old friends (LOL), and of course the regulars, thank you for posting.

Merry Christmas


How did everybody spend Christmas Eve yesterday and Christmas today?

On Christmas Eve, after talking to Yao-san in the One Piece green room at the Jumpfest the other day, I somehow wound up eating cheese fondue in our neighborhood. The roads were really crowded on Christmas Eve.

In addition to cheese fondue, we also shared minced tuna.

We had the Christmas Eve set menu! Was the alcohol Christmassy? We had wine, Beaujolais Nouveau (...too late). Ha ha ha. The truth is, it was my first time eating cheese fondue. I felt kind of high-class. (LOL) With only one bottle of wine, I got pretty drunk, and it was delicious. Yao-san, thank you for the meal. And merry Christmas.

On Christmas night...


Yesterday was rehearsal for Solid Vox's end-of-year party, and then I went to mix JAM's "No Border."

Also, according to the BBS, there's a big game convention in Sapporo. I remember those! Of course I remember...anyway, today is the Neapolitan affair (LOL) which is going to become famous.

I don't have a picture (LOL), so here's the pirate lunch I mentioned the other day (chopsticks included).

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