Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 12/7/2007, 12/8/2007, 12/11/2007, 12/12/2007

It's Nagoya!

I went to Nagoya


to eat miso stew udon.

Mmm, it was good.

No, not really!

I went to Nagoya for JAM's campaign.

The weather was amazing. (^^)v

TV, newspaper, radio, net TV...

It was a busy day of campaigning.

Everybody involved,

thank you. <(_ _)>

It was a hectic day, but on the way back, on the shinkansen, we enjoyed chicken wings and tenmusuto.


Love? Strange? 1

There's a heart


on Tokyo Tower.

Today, on the way to the radio recording,

I went past the side of Tokyo Tower.

It was extremely crowded.

Maybe they were drawn by the heart, but there were tons of couples there.

Oh yeah, today's a weekend.

It's also close to Christmas. 2


Don't get into a fight.

Be happy!

I'm leaving! (LOL)

However, when I looked at Tokyo Tower carefully, I noticed that while I wasn't paying attention, the lights kept changing.

I looked at Tokyo Tower again and thought about it.

Tokyo Tower is cool!!

I'm kind of attracted to it...

Huh? Is this love?

Huh? Am I strange?


1 The kanji for "koi," "love," (恋) and "hen," "strange," (変) look similar, so it's kind of a visual pun.
2 In Japan, Christmas is considered a romantic holiday.

Customer claim




I had some free time when a session wasn't going on.

I didn't sing, so I had a lot of free time.

I had free time, so I patiently sat in the green room...

I patiently waited...

I spent the time talking to Tomoe-chan, who also had free time. (LOL)

While we were talking, Tomoe-chan said,

"The keyboard that you gave me as a present before is really useful! Thank you! It's great! Even when I don't play it, it makes sounds! Thank you so much! (*^.^*)"

It's a customer claim...

A customer claim with a big smile...

Are you an angel? Are you a devil?

I'm sorry.

But I don't think it's my fault...

Tell the makers your claim, okay? (^o^;

I'll try to give you something better next time.

With that huge amount of free time, Tomoe-chan ate two bento boxes. (LOL)

I didn't want to be beaten, so I ate two too.

It was a tie. o(^-^)o

They were good.

But, I won't lose next time!



It's time for


end-of-year gifts.

When I went to my office, there were end-of-year gifts from all sorts of people that I'd worked with.

Thank you very much. <(_ _)>

One of them was a treat from my hometown.



When I taste sasakama, I think about my hometown...

I wonder how everybody's doing?

I'll try to go back there and sing. (^_^)/


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