Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yamanezumi Rocky Chuck

Lyrics: Chinatsu Nakayama
Composition: Seiichirou Uno

The Green Forest's sunny places
are a good place to play hide-and-seek.
"I'm not ready yet!" "I'm not ready yet!"
The mountain mouse's tail flashes
so they find him first.
I wonder where the Green Forest is?
Try asking
Try asking somebody

The Secret Birch's shade
is a good place to talk.
"Hey, hey, listen!" "Hey, hey, listen!"
Even if the golden-eyed owl
is standing by and listening
you can't tell!
I wonder where the Secret Birch is?
Try asking
Try asking somebody

The Humming River's banks
are a good place to be alone.
"Hmm hmm hmm..."
The mischievous mountain mouse
sometimes feels lonely.
I wonder where the Humming River is?
Try asking
Try asking somebody

The Purple Hill's top
is a good place to take a nap.
"Nod..." "Nod..."
I saw the dream of the baby squirrel,
who ate the purple grass.
I wonder where the Purple Hill is?
Try asking
Try asking somebody

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Masaaki Endoh Diary Entry - March 5, 2009

Mitchell and



We're recording the opening theme for the anime Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen, which starts in April.

It's Lazy's famous song, "Kanjite Night"

"Kanjite Knight" is being remade by
(Lazy and Tamio Okuda, Saito Kazuyoshi, JAM Project)

JAM Project is supporting them, so I went to the recording

This song is so sexy, it's great

I heard this song a long time ago, and it was like I was recording it, but I was actually part of the support, so it was kind of a strange feeling

It was fun

I'm waiting for the broadcast and for the day it goes on sale to see how it turned out

I ask you to do the same