Friday, February 22, 2008

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 1/9/2008, 1/10/2008

Gyuunyan! (o^o^o)


For the first time in a long time, Endoh, Dany, and I appeared on Sakura's Marshmallow Time! I haven't seen Sakura since the summer. Since she retired from producing, I've had fewer chances to see her, but she seems well! (o^o^o) Back in the day, I had a ton of intense experiences for a short time thanks to Sakura! Working with Sakura, I learned the kind of multifaceted skills that I have today!

Sakura, I'm always praying for your success! Fly, Sakura! (o^o^o)

First set of goods!


After the radio show, we reconvened for the JAM band rehearsal! (o^o^o)

The young people are working hard! Plus, the first set of good came in: a giant towel! Perfect! Cool! \(‾o‾)/

Now that you mention it

A while ago, on TV, I saw an interview with Joe Odagiri-san about his getting married. He said that he didn't know anyone who shared his birthday except for Kim Jong Il...

When he said that I started thinking, so yesterday in the studio I searched for "famous people born on February 18" on Matsuu's Mac. I found Yoko Ono and Robert Baggio. Personally, I was happy that I also found the Fuji TV announcer, Aya Takashima. (^^ゞ

And, while I was searching, Hironobu Kageyama came up. That made me the happiest. I'm small potatoes. ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ


Well, this picture is from before JAM Project rehearsal. We want to try to become a unit as big as the Rainbow Bridge.

And then, my assignment today is...first, to make a demo of the JAM Project live acoustic corner. I have to deliver it to everybody so I need to hurry.

After that, in order to put away furniture, I have to get my Chinese tea-related items into one group.


I have to put this stuff away neatly.

Ugh...but it'll keep getting bigger and bigger...I'll end up buying tea and teapots online, and end up buying more and more...look at me. (LOL)

Well, it's alright! Because it's fun. ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

Starting now...

I'm going to a JAM staff meeting. This time, we want to increase the area around the stage from what it was last year, so it's troublesome.

So, today, I drank a kind of Chinese red tea called Keemun tea for the first time.


This is delicious. (^▽^)V Naturally, it's because it's one of the world's "Three Main Red Teas."

If people who don't like Puerh tea and other Chinese teas started here, maybe they'd calm down. (^▽^)V

It tastes like usual red tea, and since the taste is sufficient, you don't need sugar or anything. Yes, this is good.

But, if I keep getting Chinese red tea like this, next thing you know I'll be wanted a porcelain teapot. (LOL)

Hey hey hey...


I'm in the middle of an extremely serious meeting! I think if I joke around, someone will hit me... Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

I'm hungry... (LOL)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JAM Project Japan Flight 2008 Live Report - Saitama and Nagoya

JAM Project JAPAN FLIGHT 2008 No Border Toda Performance

I went to the first day of the JAM Project's tour. It was at the Toda Cultural Center in Saitama. It started at 5:00 and ended at 8:00. In all, the live was exactly three hours long, but the time passed extremely quickly. I was like, "It's already been three hours?" Time really does fly when you're having fun. It was amazing. Below are the setlist and my thoughts. It's full of spoilers, so if you're planning on attending, be careful!

I went to the long-awaited first day of the tour. It started with "No Border," and kept going until the end. It seems like there was no place on the setlist for them to rest. It was so much fun. The performance was at the Toda Cultural Center. It was the first time I'd been there, but it was easy to see in that place. There was only seating on the first floor and there weren't many seats near the front, but there were a good number of bumps in the floor, and there was nothing obstructing the view. It wasn't even that big. Even the people in the back could see the members' expressions clearly. The space between the seats in the front was pretty big so it was easy to jump around, so that was good too. It was a great place. Above the stage there was a big monitor that played videos along with the music. The videos fit the music well, and I was kind of worried about whether I should look at the members or at the monitor. Before the first song, "No Border," a video that expressed the meaning of that song played, and made me think about things right at the beginning of the live.

"No Border" was performed with a dance. Hikarudo was there right from the start, and the seven of them danced. I tried to copy along, but of course I couldn't remember it all. If I practice at every live, maybe I'll be able to dance it by the Tokyo performance. Anyway, I'll practice. Hikarudo came in at the beginning, and I think he was there until about "Dead or Alive." I forget when he came back out, but he was at least there for "Hero." From there until the end he was on. His talk was more interesting than it was last year, I was surprised. I laughed when he said that it took him three months by boat to get here.

That day was the first time that I heard the full version of "Shuraki." I saw the short version in a PV but I'd never heard the full version before, so can I really say that this was the first time I'd heard it? Whatever, I was just happy to hear a new song. I have to find out when the CD will be released, but they said all of that on stage. When was it again? "Divine Love" was Hiroshi Kitadani's solo song. I never thought that they would perform it. The girl in the seat next to me was apparently a Dany fan, and she got really excited. She had the requisite headband on and was a really upbeat person. If it were me, I wouldn't have made such a big deal. Saying that, when I heard that song on the CD, I didn't think it was that great, but hearing it live, it was incredible. He wasn't half as energetic on the CD. Dany's solos are great.

Considering the whole show, it didn't seem like there was that much MCing, but once they started talking, it was full of energy. Rica Matsumoto joked around as usual, making fun of Lantis because "Motteke!" was on the Oricon charts. Also, at the last part of the show, when the members were addressing the audience, Yoshiki Fukuyama was wandering around and playing while other people were talking. It was too funny. Fukuyama-san usually doesn't dance, but he seemed like he was having fun while he was dancing to "No Border," and he kept dancing around. On the other hand, while he was talking seriously, he wound up laughing. Masami Okui backed him up. Nice Makkun.

About Yoshiki Fukuyama. This year's acoustic corner was very grown-up. It's kind of a shame. Last year's meandering call-and-response with the audience drew us in, but there was none of that chaos this year, so I felt a little lonely. I couldn't really hear the "Kurenai no Kiba" acoustic performance, but I was happy with the singing as a whole. Before the encore, the last song was "Hero." I really love that song. I like it so much that I don't know how many times I've listened to it on repeat. Before beginning the song, Hironobu Kageyama talked a little about his thoughts on that song, and between that and the song, I got extra teary-eyed.

After a 2-song encore that pushed the limits of their physical strength, these guys did a double encore. Naturally, it was "Skill"! This year, too, Dany's leading of "Skill" was strong. However, the energy last year was no match for this. It was incredible. He still walked around and fired us up...but this year he did things like hit the floor with his towel. It was a force that can't be put into words. He was talking, but I couldn't hear what he said. Still, I could tell that he was fired was like he was half angry.

Then, while Dany was firing us up, behind him, Yoshiki Fukuyama was playing around. He was running around in the back and playing. Besides that, he attacked Hikarudo and Hironobu Kageyama...he was very free. I couldn't take my eyes off of the entire stage. But I couldn't see much because I was jumping around... conclusion, from the beginning to the end, it was a completely enjoyable live. It was just what I'd been waiting for. Thank you so much for performing. The audience's energy was good too, so it was a wonderful live. Everybody who came, thank you!


1. No Border
2. Rocks
3. Stormbringer
4. Genkai Battle
5. Dead or Alive
6. Shuraki
7. Garo ~Savior in the Dark
8. Asu e no Houkou
9. Divine Love
10. Salvage
11. Rising Force
12. Kurenai no Kiba (acoustic)
13. Garimpeiro (acoustic)
14. Dragon Storm 2007
15. Battle Communication!!
16. Portal
17. Break Out
18. Victory
19. Soultaker
20. Hero
21. EN1. Hagane no Messiah
22. EN2. Gong
~Double Encore
23. EN3. Skill

JAM Project JAPAN FLIGHT 2008 No Border Nagoya Performance

I went to the second performance of the JAM Project's tour. The place was Zepp Nagoya. It started a little after the scheduled 6:00, and it end a little before 9:00. This show was standing room only, so everyone was really excited. It was fun! Below are my thoughts and the setlist. Spoiler alert.

It was a lot of fun. Since the place was Zepp Nagoya, naturally it was packed and standing room only. The order numbers were pretty good, so you could see from about the 4th or 5th center row. The members were so close! Makkun etc. were right in front of my eyes, and it was incredible.

The Toda performance last week was hot, but today was pretty hot too. I love standing room only. I jumped and yelled almost the whole time, so much that not only my feet and arms and throat, but even the muscles in my jaw hurt. Content-wise it wasn't that different from Toda, and the songs in the setlist didn't change at all. Only the order of the songs in the encores changed a little bit. But, it was an all-standing show. The feeling was completely different.

I don't know whether that was the reason, but Hironobu Kageyama being moved to tears while he was introducing "Hero" made an unforgettable impression on me. Makkun cried a little in the middle. I love "Hero," so I was kind of happy. During the chorus, maybe Rika-san cried a little too. But maybe it was just my imagination.

However, the leading during "Skill" was long. I think it was longer than Toda's. Hiroshi Kitadani's rage heated up, and he threw the towel around. Masami Okui laughed loudly when she saw that. Yoshiki Fukuyama ran around. Masaaki Endoh worked with was as free as usual. The people I was jumping with looked like they were going to die. But, without this it doesn't feel like the live's over. It was great jumping around with everyone.

In conclusion, it was a really fun day. Everyone who came, thank you!


1. No Border
2. Rocks
3. Stormbringer
4. Genkai Battle
5. Dead or Alive
6. Shuraki
7. Garo ~Savior in the Dark
8. Asu e no Houkou
9. Divine Love
10. Salvage
11. Rising Force
12. Kurenai no Kiba (acoustic)
13. Garimpeiro (acoustic)
14. Dragon Storm 2007
15. Battle Communication!!
16. Portal
17. Break Out
18. Victory
19. Soultaker
20. Hero
21. EN1. Gong
22. EN2. Hagane no Messiah
~Double Encore
23. EN3. Skill

Thanks to Flavio!

Monday, February 18, 2008

I'm going to Japan

I know that nobody comes to this blog to read about my life, but I figured that since I was making all of these updates (my laptop just came back from repairs and I feel the need to catch up), I might as well post this.

I'm leaving for Japan on February 29 to teach for one of the big English conversation schools. I'll be in Osaka again (yay!).

So what's this have to do with you? I won't have internet access when I first get there, and of course I'll be busy, so this blog may be delayed again.

However, after that, I hope that it will improve as my Japanese ability does (god, I hope it does).

I also reserved space for a Japan blog: There's nothing there yet, but I'll try to post some interesting things when I get over there.

Thank you for reading!

In the Chaos - JAM Project (featuring Masami Okui)

Lyrics: Masami Okui
Composition: Yohgo Kohno
Arrangement: Yohgo Kohno

We're being guided towards something
Are we living in an illusion?

Everyone who is picked on every day and can't stop is,
As if they rely on it, crying out for love, wandering
Forever. The armor that locks up my heart,
Before I know it, creates a different me

A beautiful fully-bloomed flower is strongly fragile
The hidden thorn is already broken, nothing can be done...
We're caught in the chaos

Everyone who can't stop their sadness and hatred
Sleep wrapped in shadow, and cry out for the "peace" inside the mirror
Break out now, from the few places where light shined
When it released a locked-up heart

The "real me" that I met holds out a hand
Like light and darkness blending together, we become one
Like an illusion in the chaos

They forgot what's important somewhere
And aimlessly kept searching, drifters
Even if they're burdened with a too-heavy crime,
They go on without noticing

Forever, people have to survive by any means
Until the day I find the answer
I'm going, even though light shined only from a few places
It's guiding the locked-up hearts

The "real me" that I met holds out a hand
So it can be absorbed by light and darkness
I wanted to become a beautiful fully-bloomed flower
With hidden thorns, that's right, even if I hurt somebody
We're illusions in the chaos

Japanese lyrics source: Ghaleo's Blog

Hironobu Kageyama's Apology for the "Shinkansen Incident"


Today I received a message from Lantis. It seems that passengers who were in the same car as us on the bullet train on the way back from Nagoya left extremely angry comments on blogs saying that we were very loud and a huge nuisance.

It's embarrassing, but this is the whole truth.

Just like it's been written on blogs, inside the car we had an afterparty, and we drank and got loud.

Now that I think about it, we must certainly have been a very annoying group to the other passengers in the car.

Is this how upstanding adults behave?! That kind of scum shouldn't talk about morals as if they were important!

Just like they said, we were thoughtless.

We were relieved that the live was a success, and on top of that we had been drinking, and we got carried away.

We were immature people. And that's over with.

To the people in the car with us that day, we are truly sorry that we ruined your precious downtime.

We regret it. We're really sorry.

From now on, since this lesson has been pointed out to us, we have learned from it and we won't do such a stupid thing again.

-Leader Kageyama


Honestly, I am really surprised at this. I'm surprised that so many people on the train went out of their way to complain and become angry at the JAM Project (even hardcore fans); I'm surprised that they went ahead and issued an apology; I'm surprised that this is news in Japan.

Of course, the reason I'm surprised is entirely cultural. Can you imagine this kind of thing happening in America? Can you imagine, say, a rapper being called out just for being "loud"? Beyond that, can you imagine that rapper issuing an apology? (Now that would be news!)

I don't know whether I should say "Ohhh, Japan" or "Ohhh, America."

What do you think about this?

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 1/18/2008, 1/19/2008, 1/20/2008, 1/21/2008, 1/22/2008, 1/23/2008, 1/24/2008


I'm a touch-typing



I wish. (>_<)

Today after the meetings and things were over, I participated in a chat meeting with my fan club in my office.

This was the second time.

About ten people chatted but

if I could type faster I could talk more with everyone...sorry. (^_^;)

I'll try to learn to type faster for next time.

My typing technique (?) involves using the index fingers of both hands, looking at the keyboard, choosing keys as if they were bad guys, and hitting them really hard.

"Pow pow pow pow pow!"

It's "Fist of the North Star"'s Kenshirou's style. (LOL)

But actually, since I don't look at the keyboard,


I end up doing things like typing in English characters. (T.T)

I'll do it again..."hidebu"! 1

In this way, I'll search for my own style and become a touch typing master.

Remember it!


1 Hidebu


I casually looked up at the sky and


immediately saw an airplane cloud trail drawn in the sky.

It's like a doodle in the sky.

I have a memory of writing a paper in elementary school that said "I want to try drawing in the big blue sky."

I was so free of heart. (^_-)

I haven't drawn any pictures lately.

I'm not good at drawing, but I like it.

When I was little, I would always draw pictures on the backs of papers and stuff when I was bored.

I still remember how happy I was when I received a gold star on my drawings in art class in elementary school.

Next time I'm free, maybe I should try drawing again.

Come to think of it, I don't really have any hobbies now besides music.

It's kind of lonely... (T.T)

That's why on my current profile it says that my hobby is "nightlife." (LOL)


Jack and the Beanstalk, continued continued continued continued continued

Making an appearance after a long time


"message bean"

He's still growing healthily. (^_^)v

Since it's gotten cold, he's growing more slowly though.

But he's certainly growing.

He's already conquered close to 1/3 of my window.

Tonight it looks like snow is going to fall outside of this window.

But I trust him.

But thanks to him, my blinds are always up. (>_<)

It's okay, it's okay...

When I look at how he's growing, I feel energized.

I said it's okay, I said it's okay...

We're riding out this harsh winter together strongly and healthily, and we're on our way to the warm spring!

Right, pal? (LOL)

Don't lose to this winter cold!!

Goodnight. (^^ゞ

Forecast or guess

It didn't



On "Weather Forecast" it said that snow was going to fall, so I was kind of excited.

It's kind of disappointing.

Because it was called a "forecast," I believed in it.

They might as well call it "Weather Guess."

Can't we all agree to that?

No, I guess not... (^_^;):

Today was JAM rehearsal.

I made a little more progress.

I have to work harder and harder!


Anipara Ongakukan



Tomoe-kitty (^.^)b

Today was Anipara Ongakukan recording.

I celebrated the new year with Anipara All Stars and the staff.

Let's work hard this year, too! I'm counting on you!


Sales release day




I'm pretty happy. (^_^)v


why did it have to fall on this day...

I went to my office first thing in the morning.

When I woke up, I planned to ride my bicycle to the office, so when I went outside, I was surprised!

Hey, I had a plan...

Hikarudo was saying that he wanted to see snow, so he must be happy...


Hikarudo bought another book?? You otaku gaijin! (LOL)

Of course, I didn't ride my bike today. (^o^;

Today, JAM Project's first original single, "No Border," was released.


Please buy it!

Everyone, don't catch cold! \(^o^)/


No bathing

Da dum da dum dum dum!


Take a bath!


I always wind up having to take a shower in my tub at home.

Today for some reason I wanted to take a hot bath for free in the middle of the night, so I heated up some water and got in. felt good.

I got warm all over.

Baths are nice.

But my bathtub is small and narrow.

Hmm...since my shoulders were cold, I put my shoulders in.

When I did that, my knees came out.

When I put my knees in, my shoulders came out.

What kind of exercise is this??? (>_<)

I tried rolling my big body into a little ball and getting in so only my face stuck out.




Like Esper Itoh 1 (LOL)

Mm...I want a big bathtub.

And I want to go to a public bathhouse.


1 A Japanese comedian

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 1/19/2008, 1/22/2008, 1/23/2008, 1/25/2008, 1/26/2008, 1/27/2008, 1/28/2008, 1/29/2008, 1/30/2008, 2/1/2008, 2/2/2008

100 practice bats...

[pic] that, I've been spending my days practicing at home...huh? Wait a minute. A practice bat hits the ball. That's not right. Maybe 100 practice swings is closer to what I've been doing. (LOL) I've been throwing my body into nothing but repitition!

Since my debut I've been bad at memorizing lyrics. (;´▽`A` Even when they're lyrics that I wrote. (LOL)

I didn't think that my IQ was that ha ha ha ha.

I'm in the middle of memorizing the lyrics to "No Border"'s coupling song "Hero." Every time I hear it, I get emotional and tear up. They're warm and gentle, wonderful lyrics. I feel like I could cry (T^T) the same as Fukuyaman.

Last time, in the middle of rehearsing it, tears came to my eyes and I choked up. (LOL)

I'm not going to cry at the show...but how can I do that? Even if I say, "I am NOT going to cry!" I have to keep my nose from running. (LOL)

I can finally post I posted one from Korea. It's Mr. Dany in the cold with a red nose in a 7-11.

Secret training


Yesterday was JAM rehearsal and ???. Of course on this important day, when I woke up my neck hurt terribly...I must have slept in a weird position. (;´ー`)┌

After rehearsal ended, my neck was all like "I'm stiff!" (LOL)

And JAM's Hanshin Giants 1 ! Tiny and huge Dany-chan and Hika-chan...

1 This sounds like the name of a baseball team, but I don't think that it's a real one.

It snowed!

This morning I was surprised at the snowy landscape. Today I'm at home working out etc. to prepare for the tour.

Meanwhile, I want to thank people for always posting on my BBS. I want to respond to all of the messages but there are so many (LOL) so that would be difficult. So I'm borrowing this place to send my thanks to everybody.

Thank you! Please support me in 2008 too...

Happy yellow t-shirt


Yesterday was JAM rehearsal. The drummer, Hideki, wore a "Dany's" t-shirt for me. Awww...even though he's young, he so loyal! (LOL) I was soooo happy that he was so considerate. (^З^)-☆

We ran through the show two times. We could see how it's all going to fit together.

And we're slowly getting more and more new types of goods!

La la la...


I watched "Music Fair." Playing piano for Yui Aragaki was Kouhei, who looked like he was having fun.

The way his left foot follows the rhythm, and the small things he does when he made me feel very nostalgic. (LOL)

And I smiled in front of the TV...

Lately I feel like I've been energized by the "Dany's" members...thank you, young people! (LOL)

First shrine visit


Today I went to Kawazaki Daiji for the first time in 2008, to pray that JAM's tour is a huge success.

Even though it's almost February, the place was crowded and congested.

And my first fortune of the year was "kichi" 1...mmmmm.... (⌒~⌒; it's so-so... (LOL)

1 See what the rankings of "omikuji," or "fortunes," are here.

Catching swords


...I failed. (LOL) 1

Today was JAM rehearsal again. We were goofing off. I kind of did a little too much... (LOL)

It's really only a short time until the show...I'm looking forward to it...

1 I believe that this is a kendo exercise.

Once again...


Catching swords...

...I failed. (HA HA)

Yep, he's the dreaded swordmaster...either that or I'm really slow. (LOL)

Today was JAM rehearsal too. It's finally the last day! This time, the members and the band were strict and perfect.

All that's left is the dress rehearsal and the show! I want to see everybody soon...

Girly old man


The first thing this morning, before the beauty shops opened, I went to the usual (LOL) shop in Kouenji.

After that I went to the usual (LOL) shop in Shibuya and bought clothes for the tour.

No more war

2008 is going fast. Today is the first day of February. Tomorrow the JAM tour finally starts.

Yesterday we had dress rehearsal at the first hall, Toda Cultural Center. The band, the staff, the members are working hard. Expect an awesome live show.

Ooooh, I'm getting excited....

Good morning!

The weather? It's not bad...that's good...but it's really really cold! Yesterday I had a good night's sleep, and before the alarm clock went off I felt awake,

and I took a shower, and I shaved, and I did my hair, and I drank some hot cafe au lait.

Then, so I wouldn't forget anything, I got my luggage in order, and then I finally left. To everybody who's coming to Toda: "Let's burn out!"

Friday, February 8, 2008

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 1/7/2008, 1/9/2008

New resolution!

Work began for both Solid Vox and Lantis!! (^▽^)V

Frankly, there's no chance to completely change your outlook except for the end of the year. People choose their own themes, and set out on a new path.

And you don't have to tell anybody that. It's okay to keep your resolution to yourself.

When I turned 40, I said a lot of things that made it seem like I was certain, but honestly, facing my 47th year, I'm really anxious.

But, because I'm anxious...because it's scary...I'll do my best.

Aniki, congratulations for yesterday. (^▽^)V


Osamu pot (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

My usual tea urn. Every day, I polish it really well. (LOL)

After I pour the tea, while the pot is still hot, I polish it al over with its own cloth.

They say that if you do that, its shine and personality will gradually appear. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)


The things that I like are all things that you have to take the time to polish. The main one is my guitars. (^▽^)V

In the middle of writing songs, while I'm watching a movie, I carefully polish them. (LOL) Then, while I'm polishing them, I grow more and more attached to them and they look beautiful, so I can't stop. That's what happens. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Today at Aoyama Studio, I recorded the full-size version of the famous commercial song that I sang last year.

They're apparently going to make a CD to use as a present for the viewers. Yayyyyy ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

This is organization??? (LOL)

Today, cupboards came for Airblanca Studio's kitchen. This is because, since everyone's giving me presents, I have nowhere to put Chinese tea and tea utensils anymore. (^▽^)V


In its place, I put the CD rack in the closet...what in the world is my job? (LOL)

But, because of this, starting tomorrow I can have full-blown "meditation style" tea! Hooray ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ


Whew...but, organizing by myself makes me tired. So even though I have so much to do, I've completed about a half-day's worth of work.

Agh, I still have to go to the broadcasting center. If I skip it, they'll get mad at me. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 1/16/2008, 1/17/2008

First broadcast of the year

"Umasugi Wave"



This show has been on for one year, thanks to you.

I'm shy, but I've finally gotten used to it.

...Took long enough!

But I'm really grateful to my co-stars Sugita-kun and Aizawa-san.

Good thing they're good people. (LOL)


Sponsors, staff and members, Kami-sama who always rushes to help us even though he's busy, and the listeners, please support "Umasugi WAVE" in its second year. <(__)>

Anyway, after the radio recording, I went to Lantis's New Year's Party.

Our precious demon, Matsuu's, skirt was like this.



Look! You did something you never do and made it snow!


JAM rehearsal

Today too


I sang a lot. (^・^)/

The more I rehearse, the greedier I get.

Once I've taken care of one task, I can see the next one.

That just keeps repeating.

Up until now, I've gotten into a lot of things besides music.

And I felt like I could get those things done by myself.

Music is the only thing that I can't comprehend, even now, no matter how much I do it.

I can't find the answers.

There's no end.

If I could understand it by myself, I might have quit singing a long time ago.

But, my singing ability still has a long way to go.

But it's okay if I keep singing. (^_^)v

I'm grateful that I can sing songs I love!

Today was our engineer Kondoh-chan's birthday. I owe a lot to her both solo and with JAM.


Happy birthday!

She always spends so much time on details that she cuts into her sleeping time. Thank you so much.

We still depend on you.

Please support us! (^o^)/


Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 1/16/2008, 1/17/2008

New Year's party...


Today is Lantis's New Year's Party. The concert hall is bigger than the number of people who came has multiplied! d(^0^)b Isn't it great?

With that huge of a party, everyone gets into the toasts. I did one with JAM.

In 2008, with the strength I get from everyone, I'm going to make the great music you want.

The picture is a person I met who is from Yamaguchi prefecture.

I can't rotate the picture... (;_;)

Oh! I don't have a good towel...(LOL)


Today was the second day of JAM rehearsal. We finally ran through all of the songs.

The drummer, Hideki, seemed a little nervous, since he's the youngest.

But his natural good nature gradually appeared...from now on, his natural spontaneous personality is probably going to burst now. (LOL)

In the middle was Hideki's roadie, Hiroshi Gokurou-san.

Why? I can't edit this JPG... (;´ー`)┌

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 12/29/2007, 12/30/2007, 12/31/2007, 1/1/2008, 1/3/2008, 1/5/2008, 1/6/2008

Grrrrr ( ̄□ ̄;)!!

Today was a busy day. First, in the afternoon, there was "a certain after-recording." (* ̄∇ ̄*)

Aaargh--in my whole life, I've never had to put so many words in quotes. Even though I'm not singing, my voice is tired. (LOL)

I'll tell you when I'm allowed to! V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V

After that, at night was rehearsal for tomorrow's Solid Vox event. We didn't have much time, but we worked hard so that we can make everybody happy! The Bingo presents and the singing presents are both rare! V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V


For dinner, I was invited to have delivered pizza with everyone from Lantis. Tomorrow the comic book market starts, so everybody was very busy preparing until the middle of the night. They're going to work like this nonstop until the 31st. They're really working hard.

The group that works harder than others has better results. This is an extremely ordinary sentence. V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V


Then, after rehearsal, I took Dani to Airblanca Studio.

Because he said that he really wanted to learn the basics of Protools, I gave him a lecture on the very very basics.

How to make tracks. How to play soft recordings. How to recording singing, how to record guitar. I wonder if he understood. (LOL)


Dani went home a little while ago, and I've been memorizing lyrics for tomorrow. Ahh...I wanna go to bed. (LOL)

But, I'm gonna keep working! V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V

I have a hangover. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

For the afterparty for the end-of-year party, we did karaoke until dawn...(LOL)

Well, for these times (LOL), boiling hot oolong tea is best.

My new Chinese mug. It's cute. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)


Also, I received a lot of Chinese tea from Ed and company from the Super Robo event in Hong Kong and from fans.

I think I could open a tea shop. (LOL)

Yesterday's Solid Vox party was fun.

The shop was good, and so was the party's tempo.


It was a great end to 2007.

I don't want to do anything at the end of the year except be with my fans.

Yeah, it was a great year. (LOL)

Make this last


Start! Today JAM PROJECT NO BORDER TOUR REHEARSALS start! Even though they're still band-only rehearsals, and we weren't expecting them, Endoh and Makkun are coming to the studio!

Of course, everyone's really anxious!

And as they practiced "Skill," "Victory"...etc., our standard songs, our anxiety flew away!

Our new band is great!

Permanently present Inoue-kun was surprised too, I think!

I think he was still worried even though he gave us the green light!

So the band is OK! After New Year's it's our turn! I'm excited! \(‾o‾)/

Burning quietly...

New Year's Eve. 30 minutes until 2008.

Since last year I did the countdown at the Shimoseki Aquarium, I'm spending New Year's Eve this year quietly.


I was writing songs until a little bit ago, but now I'm studying for a breather. (LOL)

Did everyone find a theme for 2008? I, of course, have too many things that I want to do (LOL), so I'm in trouble.

Oh yeah, the big tea urn that I bought online came. It's the round one on the right.


[tea stuff]

When I did that, I slowly came to love tea utensils. So, I thought I would challenge myself. (^▽^)V

But, since I drink out of big cups, these are both big pots. They're about 3 times bigger than regular ones.

The left is for pucha, and there's oolong tea in the right.

Well, everybody, happy new year! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Please support me this year too! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

The truth is, since on Christmas Eve my beloved mother-in-law went to heaven, I can't say congratulations.

But, since she loved music, and understood my job, and always honestly supported me, I'll work three times harder for that reason.

Being the JAM Project. Being Hironobu Kageyama. Being myself.

I won't run away from the things around me, and I'll fight against them.

I'll break through them head-on. It's a head-to-head battle.

Matsumura-kyouju said it too. "In life, there is no escape!"



Everyone at Kids Station, Yamaken-san, everyone at Koshikijima: my late, but I'm working on it.

Please wait a little longer. (^^ゞ

Tatsui tea

The early bird gets the worm.

So, this year I have to keep waking up early. (^▽^)V


First thing in the morning, green tea sounds good.

This is a famous Chinese green tea called "Seiko Tatsui Tea."

[tea stuff]

When I went to Shanghai, I had this kind of tea leaves from a glass mug. Chinese people are good at drinking it.

When the leaves entered my mouth, I went "bleh bleh" and adjusted the lid and scalded my tongue, and it was terrible. (LOL)

But, when in rural China, do as the rural Chinese do! And the rural Chinese sure like it hot.

I wasn't really in rural China, but I challenged myself!

Wow! Hot green tea first thing in the morning. It'll leave spots on my organs. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Aniki's 60th birthday!

Yesterday was rehearsal for the memorial live for Aniki, who's going east tomorrow. Aniki seemed to be in good health, and I got to wish happy new year to him and Micchii Nee-san, so the first job of 2008 was nice. (^▽^)V



The guitar I ordered came! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

However, you can't see it in the picture...even though it's new, it's worn out and rusty. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

This is a recreation of the model of guitar Joe Strummer used in The Clash, and the worn-off finish (who wore it off?!), and the rusted metal parts (who rusted them?!), and the various scratches and holes are in order to make it a loyally aged rare guitar.

After this, I'm going to paint it and put stickers on it myself. Like this.


Cool! Cool!

It's so awesome!! Isn't it great?? ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

How does it sound?

Who cares! ( ̄ヘ ̄)凸

Not really...of course it sounds great. (^_-)ー☆



Shibuya! (o^o^o) Aniki's already singing! This time, it's a long 60-song live, coming after his 1,000-song live! I'm singing one song, but I'm cheering Aniki on! In this whole business, Aniki just might be the one I owe the most to. I want him to rule healthily and brightly forever! If you're healthy, we'll even let you be selfish! (LOL) Aniki, happy birthday! \(‾o‾)/

Friday, February 1, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 1/12/2008, 1/13/2008, 1/14/2008, 1/15/2008

I have no umbrella

"But my problem is...


today it's raining and I have no umbrella..."

A singer I love, Yohsui Inoue, sang a song called "I Have No Umbrella."

Today, when I went to the convenience store, I had no umbrella!?

When I finished shopping and left the store, I reached out towards the umbrella stand but I had no umbrella.

I think maybe somebody took it by mistake.

It was a brand new plastic umbrella that I'd just bought when it was raining before.

Well, a plastic umbrella looks just like every other plastic umbrella.

They probably thought that it was theirs.

But, the two plastic umbrellas that were left in the umbrella stand were obviously worn out.


Was it on purpose?

Did they know they were committing a crime?

Left over was a worn-out umbrella and a more worn-out umbrella.

Well, which should I take home?

I was worried...

What would you do?


bought a new umbrella. (T.T)

Also, today, January 12, is Jungle Cruz (LOL), Hikarudo Cruz's birthday.


Hikarudo, happy birthday!

He sent me an e-mail that said he's leaving Brazil today to come to Japan to participate in JAM's live.

I get to see him soon!

Be careful on the way over.

Everyone's looking forward to seeing you.

Let's work hard on the live. (^_^)v


First song

The first time


I sang this year.

I went to Kawaguchi to help Niisan with his first acoustic live of the year.

Strangely, the weather was nice, ha ha.

Niisan, you looked good singing. Good job.

Also, he called me onto the stage, and I sang one song.

Without realizing it, I've sung for the first time this year.

Niisan, thank you!

I'm counting on you this year, too.


Emoticon E

On the highway at 4:30 in the morning


I'm ahead of everybody!!

First thing in the morning, I went to Narita Airport with Kuriboh to see Jungle Cruz (LOL), Hikarudo Cruz, as he arrived in Japan.

But, I'm sleepy... (>_<)

The airplane arrived when it was supposed to.

After we waited for a little bit, he finally came out.

Hikarudo, welcome! (^O^)/


Welcome to Japan!

But, those clothes...

Isn't it kind of cold? (LOL)

How was he?

"Yeah! I'm fine! I forgot all of the coffee that I bought everyone as a souvenir in Paris Airport! Ha ha ha ha ha..."

It's been a long time since I've seen Hikarudo, but he's the same as ever. (^_^)v

Starting tomorrow, let's work hard on the JAM rehearsals!


The path to the beginning of rehearsals

JAM rehearsal



Today's rehearsal studio was about a 20-minute walk from the nearest station.

You go through the shopping district but still...

It sucks. (>_<)

It wasn't just the walking that sucked.

There was so much temptation in the shopping district!

I heard an old lady's voice say "The fried sweet potatoes are delicious!" and I bought some without thinking...

I kept paying attention to the clothing stores.

There was a store selling the plastic models I used to like.

I went here...

And I went there...

Apparently, I like shopping districts.

Because in the city, you don't get much human contact.

Without knowing it, am I looking for human contact?

I'm jealous of the shopping districts in some cities.

Next time I move, I'll pick a city with a good shopping district.