Monday, February 18, 2008

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 1/19/2008, 1/22/2008, 1/23/2008, 1/25/2008, 1/26/2008, 1/27/2008, 1/28/2008, 1/29/2008, 1/30/2008, 2/1/2008, 2/2/2008

100 practice bats...

[pic] that, I've been spending my days practicing at home...huh? Wait a minute. A practice bat hits the ball. That's not right. Maybe 100 practice swings is closer to what I've been doing. (LOL) I've been throwing my body into nothing but repitition!

Since my debut I've been bad at memorizing lyrics. (;´▽`A` Even when they're lyrics that I wrote. (LOL)

I didn't think that my IQ was that ha ha ha ha.

I'm in the middle of memorizing the lyrics to "No Border"'s coupling song "Hero." Every time I hear it, I get emotional and tear up. They're warm and gentle, wonderful lyrics. I feel like I could cry (T^T) the same as Fukuyaman.

Last time, in the middle of rehearsing it, tears came to my eyes and I choked up. (LOL)

I'm not going to cry at the show...but how can I do that? Even if I say, "I am NOT going to cry!" I have to keep my nose from running. (LOL)

I can finally post I posted one from Korea. It's Mr. Dany in the cold with a red nose in a 7-11.

Secret training


Yesterday was JAM rehearsal and ???. Of course on this important day, when I woke up my neck hurt terribly...I must have slept in a weird position. (;´ー`)┌

After rehearsal ended, my neck was all like "I'm stiff!" (LOL)

And JAM's Hanshin Giants 1 ! Tiny and huge Dany-chan and Hika-chan...

1 This sounds like the name of a baseball team, but I don't think that it's a real one.

It snowed!

This morning I was surprised at the snowy landscape. Today I'm at home working out etc. to prepare for the tour.

Meanwhile, I want to thank people for always posting on my BBS. I want to respond to all of the messages but there are so many (LOL) so that would be difficult. So I'm borrowing this place to send my thanks to everybody.

Thank you! Please support me in 2008 too...

Happy yellow t-shirt


Yesterday was JAM rehearsal. The drummer, Hideki, wore a "Dany's" t-shirt for me. Awww...even though he's young, he so loyal! (LOL) I was soooo happy that he was so considerate. (^З^)-☆

We ran through the show two times. We could see how it's all going to fit together.

And we're slowly getting more and more new types of goods!

La la la...


I watched "Music Fair." Playing piano for Yui Aragaki was Kouhei, who looked like he was having fun.

The way his left foot follows the rhythm, and the small things he does when he made me feel very nostalgic. (LOL)

And I smiled in front of the TV...

Lately I feel like I've been energized by the "Dany's" members...thank you, young people! (LOL)

First shrine visit


Today I went to Kawazaki Daiji for the first time in 2008, to pray that JAM's tour is a huge success.

Even though it's almost February, the place was crowded and congested.

And my first fortune of the year was "kichi" 1...mmmmm.... (⌒~⌒; it's so-so... (LOL)

1 See what the rankings of "omikuji," or "fortunes," are here.

Catching swords


...I failed. (LOL) 1

Today was JAM rehearsal again. We were goofing off. I kind of did a little too much... (LOL)

It's really only a short time until the show...I'm looking forward to it...

1 I believe that this is a kendo exercise.

Once again...


Catching swords...

...I failed. (HA HA)

Yep, he's the dreaded swordmaster...either that or I'm really slow. (LOL)

Today was JAM rehearsal too. It's finally the last day! This time, the members and the band were strict and perfect.

All that's left is the dress rehearsal and the show! I want to see everybody soon...

Girly old man


The first thing this morning, before the beauty shops opened, I went to the usual (LOL) shop in Kouenji.

After that I went to the usual (LOL) shop in Shibuya and bought clothes for the tour.

No more war

2008 is going fast. Today is the first day of February. Tomorrow the JAM tour finally starts.

Yesterday we had dress rehearsal at the first hall, Toda Cultural Center. The band, the staff, the members are working hard. Expect an awesome live show.

Ooooh, I'm getting excited....

Good morning!

The weather? It's not bad...that's good...but it's really really cold! Yesterday I had a good night's sleep, and before the alarm clock went off I felt awake,

and I took a shower, and I shaved, and I did my hair, and I drank some hot cafe au lait.

Then, so I wouldn't forget anything, I got my luggage in order, and then I finally left. To everybody who's coming to Toda: "Let's burn out!"

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