Monday, February 18, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 1/18/2008, 1/19/2008, 1/20/2008, 1/21/2008, 1/22/2008, 1/23/2008, 1/24/2008


I'm a touch-typing



I wish. (>_<)

Today after the meetings and things were over, I participated in a chat meeting with my fan club in my office.

This was the second time.

About ten people chatted but

if I could type faster I could talk more with everyone...sorry. (^_^;)

I'll try to learn to type faster for next time.

My typing technique (?) involves using the index fingers of both hands, looking at the keyboard, choosing keys as if they were bad guys, and hitting them really hard.

"Pow pow pow pow pow!"

It's "Fist of the North Star"'s Kenshirou's style. (LOL)

But actually, since I don't look at the keyboard,


I end up doing things like typing in English characters. (T.T)

I'll do it again..."hidebu"! 1

In this way, I'll search for my own style and become a touch typing master.

Remember it!


1 Hidebu


I casually looked up at the sky and


immediately saw an airplane cloud trail drawn in the sky.

It's like a doodle in the sky.

I have a memory of writing a paper in elementary school that said "I want to try drawing in the big blue sky."

I was so free of heart. (^_-)

I haven't drawn any pictures lately.

I'm not good at drawing, but I like it.

When I was little, I would always draw pictures on the backs of papers and stuff when I was bored.

I still remember how happy I was when I received a gold star on my drawings in art class in elementary school.

Next time I'm free, maybe I should try drawing again.

Come to think of it, I don't really have any hobbies now besides music.

It's kind of lonely... (T.T)

That's why on my current profile it says that my hobby is "nightlife." (LOL)


Jack and the Beanstalk, continued continued continued continued continued

Making an appearance after a long time


"message bean"

He's still growing healthily. (^_^)v

Since it's gotten cold, he's growing more slowly though.

But he's certainly growing.

He's already conquered close to 1/3 of my window.

Tonight it looks like snow is going to fall outside of this window.

But I trust him.

But thanks to him, my blinds are always up. (>_<)

It's okay, it's okay...

When I look at how he's growing, I feel energized.

I said it's okay, I said it's okay...

We're riding out this harsh winter together strongly and healthily, and we're on our way to the warm spring!

Right, pal? (LOL)

Don't lose to this winter cold!!

Goodnight. (^^ゞ

Forecast or guess

It didn't



On "Weather Forecast" it said that snow was going to fall, so I was kind of excited.

It's kind of disappointing.

Because it was called a "forecast," I believed in it.

They might as well call it "Weather Guess."

Can't we all agree to that?

No, I guess not... (^_^;):

Today was JAM rehearsal.

I made a little more progress.

I have to work harder and harder!


Anipara Ongakukan



Tomoe-kitty (^.^)b

Today was Anipara Ongakukan recording.

I celebrated the new year with Anipara All Stars and the staff.

Let's work hard this year, too! I'm counting on you!


Sales release day




I'm pretty happy. (^_^)v


why did it have to fall on this day...

I went to my office first thing in the morning.

When I woke up, I planned to ride my bicycle to the office, so when I went outside, I was surprised!

Hey, I had a plan...

Hikarudo was saying that he wanted to see snow, so he must be happy...


Hikarudo bought another book?? You otaku gaijin! (LOL)

Of course, I didn't ride my bike today. (^o^;

Today, JAM Project's first original single, "No Border," was released.


Please buy it!

Everyone, don't catch cold! \(^o^)/


No bathing

Da dum da dum dum dum!


Take a bath!


I always wind up having to take a shower in my tub at home.

Today for some reason I wanted to take a hot bath for free in the middle of the night, so I heated up some water and got in. felt good.

I got warm all over.

Baths are nice.

But my bathtub is small and narrow.

Hmm...since my shoulders were cold, I put my shoulders in.

When I did that, my knees came out.

When I put my knees in, my shoulders came out.

What kind of exercise is this??? (>_<)

I tried rolling my big body into a little ball and getting in so only my face stuck out.




Like Esper Itoh 1 (LOL)

Mm...I want a big bathtub.

And I want to go to a public bathhouse.


1 A Japanese comedian

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