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Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 12/29/2007, 12/30/2007, 12/31/2007, 1/1/2008, 1/3/2008, 1/5/2008, 1/6/2008

Grrrrr ( ̄□ ̄;)!!

Today was a busy day. First, in the afternoon, there was "a certain after-recording." (* ̄∇ ̄*)

Aaargh--in my whole life, I've never had to put so many words in quotes. Even though I'm not singing, my voice is tired. (LOL)

I'll tell you when I'm allowed to! V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V

After that, at night was rehearsal for tomorrow's Solid Vox event. We didn't have much time, but we worked hard so that we can make everybody happy! The Bingo presents and the singing presents are both rare! V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V


For dinner, I was invited to have delivered pizza with everyone from Lantis. Tomorrow the comic book market starts, so everybody was very busy preparing until the middle of the night. They're going to work like this nonstop until the 31st. They're really working hard.

The group that works harder than others has better results. This is an extremely ordinary sentence. V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V


Then, after rehearsal, I took Dani to Airblanca Studio.

Because he said that he really wanted to learn the basics of Protools, I gave him a lecture on the very very basics.

How to make tracks. How to play soft recordings. How to recording singing, how to record guitar. I wonder if he understood. (LOL)


Dani went home a little while ago, and I've been memorizing lyrics for tomorrow. Ahh...I wanna go to bed. (LOL)

But, I'm gonna keep working! V(* ̄∇ ̄*)V

I have a hangover. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

For the afterparty for the end-of-year party, we did karaoke until dawn...(LOL)

Well, for these times (LOL), boiling hot oolong tea is best.

My new Chinese mug. It's cute. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)


Also, I received a lot of Chinese tea from Ed and company from the Super Robo event in Hong Kong and from fans.

I think I could open a tea shop. (LOL)

Yesterday's Solid Vox party was fun.

The shop was good, and so was the party's tempo.


It was a great end to 2007.

I don't want to do anything at the end of the year except be with my fans.

Yeah, it was a great year. (LOL)

Make this last


Start! Today JAM PROJECT NO BORDER TOUR REHEARSALS start! Even though they're still band-only rehearsals, and we weren't expecting them, Endoh and Makkun are coming to the studio!

Of course, everyone's really anxious!

And as they practiced "Skill," "Victory"...etc., our standard songs, our anxiety flew away!

Our new band is great!

Permanently present Inoue-kun was surprised too, I think!

I think he was still worried even though he gave us the green light!

So the band is OK! After New Year's it's our turn! I'm excited! \(‾o‾)/

Burning quietly...

New Year's Eve. 30 minutes until 2008.

Since last year I did the countdown at the Shimoseki Aquarium, I'm spending New Year's Eve this year quietly.


I was writing songs until a little bit ago, but now I'm studying for a breather. (LOL)

Did everyone find a theme for 2008? I, of course, have too many things that I want to do (LOL), so I'm in trouble.

Oh yeah, the big tea urn that I bought online came. It's the round one on the right.


[tea stuff]

When I did that, I slowly came to love tea utensils. So, I thought I would challenge myself. (^▽^)V

But, since I drink out of big cups, these are both big pots. They're about 3 times bigger than regular ones.

The left is for pucha, and there's oolong tea in the right.

Well, everybody, happy new year! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Please support me this year too! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

The truth is, since on Christmas Eve my beloved mother-in-law went to heaven, I can't say congratulations.

But, since she loved music, and understood my job, and always honestly supported me, I'll work three times harder for that reason.

Being the JAM Project. Being Hironobu Kageyama. Being myself.

I won't run away from the things around me, and I'll fight against them.

I'll break through them head-on. It's a head-to-head battle.

Matsumura-kyouju said it too. "In life, there is no escape!"



Everyone at Kids Station, Yamaken-san, everyone at Koshikijima: my late, but I'm working on it.

Please wait a little longer. (^^ゞ

Tatsui tea

The early bird gets the worm.

So, this year I have to keep waking up early. (^▽^)V


First thing in the morning, green tea sounds good.

This is a famous Chinese green tea called "Seiko Tatsui Tea."

[tea stuff]

When I went to Shanghai, I had this kind of tea leaves from a glass mug. Chinese people are good at drinking it.

When the leaves entered my mouth, I went "bleh bleh" and adjusted the lid and scalded my tongue, and it was terrible. (LOL)

But, when in rural China, do as the rural Chinese do! And the rural Chinese sure like it hot.

I wasn't really in rural China, but I challenged myself!

Wow! Hot green tea first thing in the morning. It'll leave spots on my organs. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Aniki's 60th birthday!

Yesterday was rehearsal for the memorial live for Aniki, who's going east tomorrow. Aniki seemed to be in good health, and I got to wish happy new year to him and Micchii Nee-san, so the first job of 2008 was nice. (^▽^)V



The guitar I ordered came! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

However, you can't see it in the picture...even though it's new, it's worn out and rusty. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

This is a recreation of the model of guitar Joe Strummer used in The Clash, and the worn-off finish (who wore it off?!), and the rusted metal parts (who rusted them?!), and the various scratches and holes are in order to make it a loyally aged rare guitar.

After this, I'm going to paint it and put stickers on it myself. Like this.


Cool! Cool!

It's so awesome!! Isn't it great?? ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

How does it sound?

Who cares! ( ̄ヘ ̄)凸

Not really...of course it sounds great. (^_-)ー☆



Shibuya! (o^o^o) Aniki's already singing! This time, it's a long 60-song live, coming after his 1,000-song live! I'm singing one song, but I'm cheering Aniki on! In this whole business, Aniki just might be the one I owe the most to. I want him to rule healthily and brightly forever! If you're healthy, we'll even let you be selfish! (LOL) Aniki, happy birthday! \(‾o‾)/

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