Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 1/16/2008, 1/17/2008

First broadcast of the year

"Umasugi Wave"



This show has been on for one year, thanks to you.

I'm shy, but I've finally gotten used to it.

...Took long enough!

But I'm really grateful to my co-stars Sugita-kun and Aizawa-san.

Good thing they're good people. (LOL)


Sponsors, staff and members, Kami-sama who always rushes to help us even though he's busy, and the listeners, please support "Umasugi WAVE" in its second year. <(__)>

Anyway, after the radio recording, I went to Lantis's New Year's Party.

Our precious demon, Matsuu's, skirt was like this.



Look! You did something you never do and made it snow!


JAM rehearsal

Today too


I sang a lot. (^・^)/

The more I rehearse, the greedier I get.

Once I've taken care of one task, I can see the next one.

That just keeps repeating.

Up until now, I've gotten into a lot of things besides music.

And I felt like I could get those things done by myself.

Music is the only thing that I can't comprehend, even now, no matter how much I do it.

I can't find the answers.

There's no end.

If I could understand it by myself, I might have quit singing a long time ago.

But, my singing ability still has a long way to go.

But it's okay if I keep singing. (^_^)v

I'm grateful that I can sing songs I love!

Today was our engineer Kondoh-chan's birthday. I owe a lot to her both solo and with JAM.


Happy birthday!

She always spends so much time on details that she cuts into her sleeping time. Thank you so much.

We still depend on you.

Please support us! (^o^)/


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