Friday, February 22, 2008

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 1/9/2008, 1/10/2008

Gyuunyan! (o^o^o)


For the first time in a long time, Endoh, Dany, and I appeared on Sakura's Marshmallow Time! I haven't seen Sakura since the summer. Since she retired from producing, I've had fewer chances to see her, but she seems well! (o^o^o) Back in the day, I had a ton of intense experiences for a short time thanks to Sakura! Working with Sakura, I learned the kind of multifaceted skills that I have today!

Sakura, I'm always praying for your success! Fly, Sakura! (o^o^o)

First set of goods!


After the radio show, we reconvened for the JAM band rehearsal! (o^o^o)

The young people are working hard! Plus, the first set of good came in: a giant towel! Perfect! Cool! \(‾o‾)/

Now that you mention it

A while ago, on TV, I saw an interview with Joe Odagiri-san about his getting married. He said that he didn't know anyone who shared his birthday except for Kim Jong Il...

When he said that I started thinking, so yesterday in the studio I searched for "famous people born on February 18" on Matsuu's Mac. I found Yoko Ono and Robert Baggio. Personally, I was happy that I also found the Fuji TV announcer, Aya Takashima. (^^ゞ

And, while I was searching, Hironobu Kageyama came up. That made me the happiest. I'm small potatoes. ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ


Well, this picture is from before JAM Project rehearsal. We want to try to become a unit as big as the Rainbow Bridge.

And then, my assignment today is...first, to make a demo of the JAM Project live acoustic corner. I have to deliver it to everybody so I need to hurry.

After that, in order to put away furniture, I have to get my Chinese tea-related items into one group.


I have to put this stuff away neatly.

Ugh...but it'll keep getting bigger and bigger...I'll end up buying tea and teapots online, and end up buying more and more...look at me. (LOL)

Well, it's alright! Because it's fun. ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

Starting now...

I'm going to a JAM staff meeting. This time, we want to increase the area around the stage from what it was last year, so it's troublesome.

So, today, I drank a kind of Chinese red tea called Keemun tea for the first time.


This is delicious. (^▽^)V Naturally, it's because it's one of the world's "Three Main Red Teas."

If people who don't like Puerh tea and other Chinese teas started here, maybe they'd calm down. (^▽^)V

It tastes like usual red tea, and since the taste is sufficient, you don't need sugar or anything. Yes, this is good.

But, if I keep getting Chinese red tea like this, next thing you know I'll be wanted a porcelain teapot. (LOL)

Hey hey hey...


I'm in the middle of an extremely serious meeting! I think if I joke around, someone will hit me... Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

I'm hungry... (LOL)

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