Monday, December 31, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 12/5/2007, 12/6/2007, 12/7/2007, 12/8/2007



Yesterday was my solo live rehearsal. You must be thinking, "What? Already?" Well, that's because of these busy young people. (LOL) Trying to adjust December's schedule was... ( ̄▽ ̄;) So it's been pretty chaotic. I also finished the main part of last month's new song. Anyway, this is this year's final solo live. Everyone, wish me good health.

Also, Animetic Land's Kuma-chan came to the rehearsal studio for research.

So the issue released on December 12 will have Hiroshi Kitadani and all of the Dani's!

We pretended to be energetic so she wouldn't see how tired we were, and weren't afraid to use bad words. (LOL) Typical youth! That's my Dani's....oh ho ho.

No alcohol allowed for a week...

Yesterday, I finally got to go to the hospital, but there were so many people that I had to wait for more than 2 hours. (;´ー`)┌ 

But it was worth it. I don't know whether it was the doctor or the great medicine (LOL), but I was able to eat normally for the first time in five days. Everyone, I'm sorry that I made you worry. I'm looking forward to my recovery.

Meanwhile, I went to the studio in the evening, to do a secret secret for a secret (LOL) Mixdown. I saw Kohno-san for the first time in a long time. I saw Hige too, and he was dressed even better than usual. He spends a lot of time working on his appearance, and he's looking like a fashionable old man! (LOL) Why? So he could see me at this mix? Hee hee hee! This is not that song! The lyrics, the music, and the singing are all by "Hiroshi Kitadani." Until I can tell you more about it, wait for it!

Tonight is the @Tunes broadcast. Tomorrow I'm going to Nagoya.

That reminds me! A few days ago...


I recorded a net radio show.

"Momoi," Haruko Momoi-chan's, net radio "The Rise and Fall of the Filn Empire" corner.

It'll be up on December 20.

I'm allowed to have alcohol! (LOL)


Yesterday I went to campaign in Nagoya with 4 of JAM's 6 members. It started with the NHK live broadcast, and ended with Toukai Radio's live performance, and there was miso stew time, and we were celebrities. (LOL) And we got in a tea break. We worked hard on the campaign.

When we go back there next year on February 11, I hope that the whether is as nice as it was yesterday. I hope I can meet the people in the Toukai region again.

And on the shinkansen on the way back, I finally drank alcohol again....ahhhh.....great. (LOL)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 12/7/2007

I'm sleepy...


Today, four volunteers from JAM went to Nagoya to campaign for next year's live!

Frankly, we thought we'd just go to Nagoya, but now we want to go everywhere, if we can! (o^o^o)

...It'd be great if Zepp became standing-room only! \(‾o‾)/



Right? Nobody came to meet us...

Well, that's okay. (●´∀`●)/



Before the next newspaper interview, we're eating lunch! Miso stew udon!

Does this have Nagoya cochin in it? Yay! (o^o^o)



Slurp slurp slurp! (o^o^o)



Ha, we don't drink tea in a cafe! We are refreshing ourselves in a high-class hotel!

Ho ho ho ho! (o^o^o)

But, oh no! There's a plastic bottle on the table! Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

We're not actually celebrities.

Quick announcement


Right now Nikkei Entertainment is selling Mattsu's work, along with JAM's! 175 pages! (o^o^o)

Starting now


Internet television

Please look up RADIOi! In two minutes! (LOL)



A wing and beer party inside of the train! \(‾o‾)/

I'm tired (●´∀`●)/


Since I worked so hard that I'm tired, this beer is delicious! Things are going pretty well! \(‾o‾)/

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Victory - JAM Project (translation)

Lyrics: Hironobu Kageyama
Composition: Yohgo Kohno
Arrangement: Yohgo Kohno

Fire a rocket into the cosmos' ring, come on!
A formidable enemy is calling me

My heartbeat is about to explode, get on!
I'm ready, sound the gong!

My burning heart won't lose to anybody
That's right, let's try, be fight, believe in yourself

My iron heart never says die
That's right, let's fly, be wild, until we encourage them
Higher, yeah, higher, we can fly higher, so

Throw your fists up at the big sun and shout!

Three, two, one, zero, never give up! Oh yeah!

Break through the era's wasteland
And follow your strong will
Carve a metal beat into the world

Bright red fighting spirit is always
In the strongest name
In the testimony of the soldiers who fly through the galaxy, their emblem of courage

Without even changing your breathing, fire an electric shot, try to attack!
I'm calling you, welcome

Get on the technique that can drill into a steel body!
It's going to explode, raise your skill!

My burning soul doesn't know fear
That's right, let's try, be fight, whatever the situation

My iron soul doesn't show its tears
That's right, let's fly, be wild, just keep looking ahead
Move ahead, yeah, move ahead, keep your eye on the real fight

In the wind that presses against you, overcome your limits!

Three, two, one, zero, never give up! Oh yeah!

The door to another dimension has been broken through
Free your destiny
In the galaxy, let a new history be written!

Believe in a new day, don't give up
However many times you stand
The shape of the brave men who create the future, their emblem of flames

Break through the era's wasteland
And follow your strong will
Carve a metal beat into the world

The door to another dimension has been broken through
Free your destiny
In the galaxy, let a new history be written!

Break through the era's wasteland
And follow your strong will
Carve a metal beat into the world

Believe in a new day, don't give up
However many times you stand
The shape of the brave men who create the future, their emblem of flames

Japanese lyrics source:
I found these lyrics via a Google search. If they happen to be wrong, my translation may be wrong too.

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 12/3/2007, 12/4/2007, 12/5/2007, 12/6/2007

Buzzword Contest

"Hanikami Ouji" and


"Dogen kasen to ikan"

won. 1

When I hear about the buzzword contest, it feels like the end of the year.

But, were the winners of this year's buzzword contest really that popular?

I thought it would definitely be "dondakee" and "sonna no kankei nee."

Am I already missing the fashion train? Is it already leaving me behind?

"Demo demo demo demo, sonna no kankei nee, sonna no kankei nee..."


I got carried away...

I'm sorry...I was reflecting... <(_ _)>

Well, in today's world, considering this unreliable country, and the corrupt government, and the deceitful corporations, and we ignorant people, "dogen kasen to ikan" is appropriate..."sonna no kankei nee" is a dangerous thought.

I don't want it to get left behind by the passage of time. I want it to become universal.

By the way, my favorite phrase is not fashionable at all (LOL), but I'll keep using it. (^_^)v


1 If you don't know what the heck this post is talking about, check this out.

Chama's birth

Everybody already knows...


probably, but...

I'll say it just in case.

I won't be appearing in this year's Kouhaku. 1



You already knew?



Well, I just thought I'd say it, just in case...

Ah ha ha ha ha...ahhh (^_^;)

But my schedule was pretty empty this year.

I'm waiting for next year!

Who am I talking to?

Anyway, today is my Chamame's birthday.

Happy birthday!

You always make me happy, Chamame.

Thank you. <(_ _)>

On your birthday, I have one thing to ask of you.

I'm grateful for your waking me up every morning, but would you please stop waking me up by digging into my head with all your strength?

You do it so hard, it feels like my brain is going to fall out.

I'll die!

No matter how much you dig into my head, your favorite treats are not going to come out.

Just that one thing, thanks. (^_^)v


1 A traditional end-of-year showcase/contest for Japan's most popular singers.


On the train to


the radio recording,

I saw this annoying guy taking up two seats and talking really loudly on his cell phone.

So those people still exist...

The train wasn't that crowded, but there were people who were standing.

It was annoying.

But nobody said anything to him.

I was sitting right by him, so of course...

I pretended not to see him... (>_<)

The two old ladies sitting next to me looked like they were pretty angry about that guy's bad manners.

That's exactly right, I know what you're saying, old ladies! That's right! Whisper a little louder so that that guy can hear the nasty things you're saying about him!

Everyone in that car was nodding their heads to what to old ladies were saying.

Then, somebody's cellphone rang.

Geez, who is it this time?

"Hello? Oh, sorry! I'll be there in five minutes, ha ha ha, blah blah blah blah..."


The person who was talking on their phone louder than that annoying guy was one of those old ladies. (>_<)

It's like a comedy.

It's funny.

It's funny, but it demonstrates the acts people put on for each other.

I'm going to watch myself. (-_-)

After the recording, we went to eat dinner.

Terada-san, thanks for the meal. m(__)m



This is


Chinese tea!

I received tea from Aki Misato-chan.

It's supposed to be "beauty-intensifying" Chinese tea.

Misato-chan says that a speciality shop has opened up in her neighborhood.

Niisan has been hooked on the stuff for a long time, though.

Chinese tea is pretty popular lately.

I don't have any tea-preparing tools, but you just put this "beauty-intesifying" tea into hot water.

Simple is best.

You don't just drink it, you can enjoy it with your eyes too.

It's nice. (^_^)v

Thank you, Misato-chan!

Tomorrow I'm going to Nagoya for JAM's campaign.

It starts early in the morning, so I think I'll drink this and then go to bed.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 11/30/2007, 12/1/2007, 12/2/2007, 12/4/2007

JAM's grandmoth...big sister

Yesterday was the "Sailor Fuku no Matsumossan Bun" recording. "I have to do this, too?" I'm going to end up filling up on too many delicious things. (LOL) Considering everyone's talent, of course it was good! JAM has some gender-ambiguous members. We had so much fun that we looked like idiots. We fused that with coolness, and ended up with one interesting song. It's packed with short little remarks!

Also, today is Rika-chan's birthday. Happy birthday!...

One more month left in this year...

It really feels like winter now. Yesterday was my major debut anniversary. I want to make this a year full of the meaning of my last 14 years. I renovated "News" so please look at it...

Hooray! JAPAN...

Japan's and Korea's baseball teams, it was a nice game. I was nervous and excited. Thank you.

Meanwhile, my health has crashed, and it was a terrible weekend. Everyone, please be careful of your health.

Because of that, there's a going to be a delay in the new song composition I'd planned for December. (LOL) My trials continue but...when I thought ahead to the new songs for "Perfection," I decided on a typical Christmas song.

I don't want to write a super-happy song, but a deep, wide song with which I can express many people's Christmas memories...maybe?

Anyways, I'm looking ahead to my recovery.

Hooray! Hooray! Hoshino JAPAN...

Today was recording in the metropolitan studio. The details are a secret, as usual (LOL).

Meanwhile, during Asia's last preliminary competition for the Beijing Olympics with Taiwan, I watched with sweaty palms. They worked so hard.

I listened to the after-game interview with the coach and the team with a lump in my throat. Ahhh, sports are great. Thank you for moving me.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 12/3/2007, 12/4/2007, 12/6/2007



Vegetable rape! Σ( ̄□ ̄;)

If I ate this many vegetables every day, I'd turn into a donkey...

Aah, I'm thankful for my parents' love! \(‾o‾)/

Tea tea tea!


Today I'm a guest at an event at the music school that my friend is the principal of! \(‾o‾)/ But on the way to the auditorium I went shopping at the subway station in Takashimaya. I always say, "This place's Ariyamakanesen tea is one of a kind!" So I bought some at a tea shop called Natsume. \(‾o‾)/

It's 2000 yen for a hundred grams! It's a little bit of luxury! \(‾o‾)/

Naniwa's face 1 \(‾o‾)/


Strolling in Osaka
Strolling alone
Strolling after a long time

Ha ha...I stole it from Makkun. Osaka's face...

For some reason, I feel like I understand it. (LOL)

Now that I think about it, everyone looks like Makkun...not really! (LOL)

1 Naniwa is an old name for Osaka.

Osaka Jiyuugakuintandai

Because my pal Touhon-chan, who is Higuchi-san's apprentice and also did Shimokitazawa's "city summer" part-time job, asked me to, I did a talk and mini-live at Osaka Jiyuugakuintandai, where Touhon-chan is the principal.


The place was "Ruiido" in Osaka. No, for those who know what I'm talking about, I spent the first half of my 20's at a place called "Ruiido," but "Ruiido" in Shinjuku was taken over a number of time, so the staff that I knew 25 years ago weren't there. (LOL) But, I was happy to hear one female member of the staff say "I went to Yamatogawa High School too." (^▽^)V

Well, this week is pretty critical. Saying that everything for JAM Project next year is based on today and tomorrow's Airblanca is not an exaggeration. I'm serious, really, I'm serious. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

But, while that pressure is closing in, I'll strive bravely.

Ahh, I'm tired...I want to go to a spa, and drink, and become a useless human being! (LOL)

Don't call me stupid! Hustle, hustle. ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ


Basically, I've had blog-block... ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

I've been sitting in the chair in the studio for so long that I think my butt is about to grow roots.

Hmm...maybe it's because I'm going through an emotionally sensitive time. Or maybe it's because blood is about to come out of me. (LOL)

I want everything to turn out the way I want!

But I'm calm. (^▽^)V

Even though elsewhere, children are dying of hunger every day.

Even though there are many children who drink water from ponds full of E. coli, and food becomes inedible because of the flies that surround it.

Thinking about that makes me sad. I'm a "No Border" person.

I'm going to write happy songs, too! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/24/2007, 11/25/2007, 11/26/2007, 11/28/2007, 11/29/2007, 12/1/2007, 12/2/2007


The Nagoya event


Good work!

To the people who got in line early in the cold to see me...thank you! \(^O^)/

I heard that there were even people who got in line last night. I'm really grateful. m(__)m

Don't catch cold, okay?

Since Niisan wasn't there today, the weather was great! (LOL)

Well, I was so happy, I sang longer than I was supposed to.

Did everybody have fun?

I was a little surprised that I was so close to everybody. (LOL)


I could see everybody's smiles, so it was fun!

Mandorake New Nagoya Shop, congratulations on opening!

Also, to the staff and everyone who participated, thanks for taking care of me! Let's work together again!

Well, tomorrow is Kusshii's live.

Tomorrow, with all of my body and soul, and with all my strength, I'll do my best!

People who are coming tomorrow, please support me. (^.^)b

Also, today was my staff member Miyamoto's birthday, so I came home and we drank at my place.


Happy birthday! Let's keep working together! (^_^)/


"Soul Engine"

At Kusshii's live


I was a guest.

You worked hard. m(__)m

Kushida-san's still as powerful as ever, and he keeps powering up.

I'd better concentrate on getting better every day too...

Thanks for everything, Kushida-san.

"Kinnikuman Go Fight!!" was fun. (^^)v

To the audience, thank you! I'm grateful for today too!

Oh yeah, when the live was over, I looked at my cell phone and found a text message.

It was from K-ness...



He defended his title!

Congratulations! \(^o^)/

You did it!

Your new mask is cool, too.

I'll come cheer you on soon!

Alright! I'll try my best too!

Well, goodnight. (^_^)/~


It's my PASMO 1



The train, and the can use this one card for both!


It's kinda fun. (^_^)v

It's so convenient, I should have started using it earlier...

People around me used to scold me all the time and tell me I should get it.

Well, look, if you tell a kid, "Study!!" they'll want to do the opposite, right?

I have that kind of perverse personality...



From now on, I'll listen to the people around me. I get it... (^_^;)


1 It's a pre-paid public transportation fares card.




with JAM.

Today, something sad happened.

We ordered food into the studio.

I ordered warm "Mountain Vegetable Yam Soba," and it was bigger than I expected. I was pretty happy to have a big helping of "Mountain Vegetable Yam Soba."

But, the main yam was under a bunch of broth, so when I finally broke through to the yam, my stomach was full and I couldn't eat it.

So, as a result, tonight's supper was "Mountain Vegetable Soba"... (>_<)

I'm making a vow right here to start eating from the yam next time.

I'm done!


Eating meat!

November 29


"good meat" 1

Today is Good Meat Day.

That had nothing to do with the fact that I ate meat for lunch.

"Japanese Black Cattle Stew Lunch." 800 yen...

Isn't it cheap!?

After all, "good meat" isn't restricted to just the expensive kind... (^_^;)

Without disguising myself or looking dishonest, I think, (LOL) I ate some good meat.

Thank you for the meal!

Anyway, last year, on Good Meat Day, my second album "M.e." came out.

Has it been a year already?

It's gone fast...

On Sky Perfect TV's Star Karaoke, the "M.e." live tour that they broadcast awhile ago was popular, so they're going to run its repeats starting in December.

People watching it at home, please enjoy!

Sky Perfect TV's Star Karaoke is showing, in addition to my live, Niisan's live and Aki Misato's live, so it's a Solid Vox party. (^_^)v


1 If you pronounce the numbers "11/29" a certain way, they become "i i niku," which sounds like "良い肉," "good meat."

The twelfth month

Starting today,


it's December.

In 2007,

one more month

to go.

This year's year

is almost done.


With a smile

and with thanks in my heart

I'll run ahead!




This button...


should I push it, or not?


I'm worried...

At noon, the weather's good, and it's pretty warm.

But when the sun goes down, it's freezing.

If I push this button, warm air will fill this room.

But, if I push it, I'll feel like I've lost, so I can't push it.

I don't know who I'd be losing to, but I always feel conflicted about it.

I feel the same way about the fan in the summer too.

I'm fighting an invisible enemy.

If I push it, I'll become comfortable.

But, I don't want to lose.

But if I catch cold, I'm in trouble. (>_<)

Dear God, please give me the strength to push this button...

I couldn't push it. _| ̄|○


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/22/2007 and 11/23/2007

Kushii's live

Akira Kushida's solo live,


"Soul Engine"'s, party.

I'm going to be a guest at Kushida-san's live on November 25 (Sunday).

I'm so happy!

It's been six or seven years since Kushida-san has had a solo live.

So, he's really enthusiastic!

To be asked to be a guest in such a commemorative live is an incredible honor.

On top of that, he said "It might be a bother, but I want you to sing a lot!"

What? Really? If it's alright with you... (^_^;)

I thought I would sing one or two songs, but it looks like I'm going to get to sing more than that...


It looks like it'll be a fun and passionate live.

I'm really looking forward to it!

Everyone, please, come play with us! (^_^)v


A can B

Akkanbe... 1


do you know where that word comes from?

Sounds like it comes from "red eyes," "aka me"...

It's Japanese.

Anyays, there's a song in a commercial that goes, "Akkanbe, akkanbe, akkanbe...", right?

Am I the only one who keeps humming that song and can't get it out of my head?

Well, tomorrow I'm going to Nagoya.

The Nagoya branch of the Mandorake store is opening, so I'm going to do a "Live and Talk Show."

I'm singing! And I'm talking! (LOL)

Everyone who's coming, let's have fun! (^_^)v

I wonder if tomorrow will be cold too...

Please dress warmly so you don't catch cold!



1 This is the Japanese word for "blowing a raspberry," or doing the Japanese equivalent of pulling down one eyelid and sticking your tongue out.

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 11/21/2007, 11/24/2007, 11/25/2007, 11/28/2007, 11/29/2007



Yesterday was rehearsal for the 24th. I chased my dreams in this place, starting from when I made my demo tape 22 years ago. There are so many memories left in this place.

From that time I have been indebted to Matsutani-san. His face still hasn't changed, and he still works as hard as ever.

And now, in this place, there are all of these young people working. Ooh...such passion. Everyone, please support me at my show!

In the middle of the show...


Meguro Live Station is on fire...

Viva! Anison...


At yesterday's anison event, young people covered JAM's "Rocks" and Lapis's Guilty Gear song (LOL), which even the original singers haven't performed. Thank you! I haven't sent my pictures in to the performers' photograph collection yet... (LOL)

Solid Vox's...

...year-end event meeting. Thanks to you, more people are going to come to this year's Christmas party than in previous years. We're going to think of ways to entertain people who come because we want you to have fun, so please look forward to it.

Sailor uniforms and JAM's old men...


Yesterday was JAM"s secret...well, as usual...we can't really say that this time. 1 (LOL) I was surprised...for details, see the official site. (LOL)

I didn't think it was possible to sing this song...I've sung it many times in karaoke, but it was really difficult. We couldn't really get the feeling of that unique melody curve. ( ̄▽ ̄;)

But we did it! JAM's heat and depth with a playful side...

Ah, it was fun...

Nii-san, good work today...

1 JAM Project covered "Motteke!! Sailor Fuku" from the anime Lucky Star, and I guess they meant to keep it secret, but the secret was let out on their sites bulletin board. You can hear the song here. Here's the original for comparison.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 12/1/2007, 12/2/2007

So. (^▽^)V

Starting now, I'm going on my last journey of the year.

Well, it's not much of a journey...I'm going to Osaka...but anyways. (LOL)

But, yeah. I'm happy.

Seeing how the place I was born has changed is

sometimes happy, sometimes lonely...

This is a journey, after all. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Tonight's acoustic. Then tomorrow is the event live with Aniki and Nee-san. It'll be a good trip. (^▽^)V



Osakaaaaa! Osakaaaaa! Rainy Kitashinchi! Wait for me, Koi-san! (T_T)

Well, I've arrived in Osaka. It's warm! \(‾o‾)/

Midousuji's gingko trees are beautiful! Take a deep breath...


They stink! by Hachirou Oka

I'm going!


I sing at 6:00! \(‾o‾)/ There's tomorrow too, but tonight is the last solo of the year!

This year I had my 30th anniversary, and the people of Kansai are taking such good care of me, so in return, I'm going to sing! \(~o~)/



That's pretty much what I did! (LOL) Alright! It felt good!

Ah, but I still have to do tomorrow. (LOL) I feel like I've made a connection. \(~o~)/ Thank you, my Osaka.



homemade cooking! Peeled yam juice (I like the juice) and beef tendon and daikon radish stew. I love them both. \(~o~)/ It's been 30 years since I left home. But, this is the taste of home.

Don't they say "As the boy, so the man"? \(‾o‾)/

Isn't it great?


I'm home, Matsubarashi Bunkakaikan! The weather is clear, of course! (LOL) So, yesterday, at the live, a fan who is a student of Kageyama (LOL) gave me the an up-to-date file of all of my songs! \(~o~)/

Wha-wha-what? It's almost 800 songs.

Isn't it amazing, isn't it great? \(‾o‾)/

I'm shooting for Aniki's 1,000 songs! (LOL)



I'm not one of the "big 3," am I? (LOL)

It's started! \(‾o‾)/


The Big 3 Anison Live has begun! \(‾o‾)

The audience is huge. \(‾o‾)/

It's over! \(‾o‾)/


It ended with no problems. \(‾o‾)/ Aniki and Nee-san returned to Tokyo in high spirits! \(‾o‾)/

I played a good acoustic set today too! In this big hall, it sounded good! Awesome! \(‾o‾)/

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sexy new layout!

And a banner that I threw together using some of the hottest pictures our heroes took of themselves lately. Graphic artist, I ain't...

What do you think?


Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/13/2007, 11/14/2007, 11/18/2007, 11/19/2007, 11/20/2007, 11/21/2007

I think...

Anipara Ongakukan



After that,

Niisan invited me to the program's party, which had nothing to do with me. Sorry for intruding. (^_^;)

Good work, everybody.


there were a lot of people that I knew there. I was surprised!

This world looks big, but it's pretty small.

No, wait,

Our principles make this big world seem small.

Leaders are bound to stick around.

Hmm...anyways, hard work can't hurt you.

Yeah, we have to try!



Pro wrestling association Dragon Gate's


member, K-ness.

My pal K-ness.

K-ness, the teacher of E-ness. 1

Apparently, that guy has started a blog.

The name is "Kunechannel." 2 (^_^)v

When I tried to look at it, I couldn't get in because it was under construction.

No no, don't do that... φ(.. )

Please read "Kunechannel" the same way you do "Enchannel"!

Goodnight (<- This is the original)

1 In an earlier diary entry, Endoh called himself "E-ness" to play off of K-ness's name. By the way, K-ness is the guy who has the JAM Project's logo on his pants.
2 This may be a copy of Endoh's blog's name, "En-channel."

School festival number two



Ikudoku festival

"Perfect combustion live"

Good job everyone.

It was fun. (^^)v

I wonder if everyone at Kanagawakoukadaigaku enjoyed it?

I hope people remember this live when they think about this school festival.

Everyone in the executive committee, and the staff, thank you for taking care of us. m(__)m

Singing felt good.

I even received a beautiful bouquet when I left.


It made me happy...thank you! Take care of yourself.

And the people who came from far away just to see us--thank you! I always appreciate you.

Until we meet again, stay well! (^_^)/~


Anyways, starting today there is a change in the general-sale tickets for "Endoh Masaaki Christmas Acoustic Night 2007 The Present of the Voice."

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but please check the Solid Vox Official Website for details.

So, everybody, I hope tomorrow is a beautiful day too.

Goodnight. <(_ _)>


Today was



The studio was in the city.

The weather was nice.

It felt good. \(^O^)/

After all, you have to photosynthesize once in awhile!

But when the sun set, it got really cold. (>_<)

I mustn't catch cold!

Everybody, please be careful!

Finally, here's a shot I took with Shunji-san.



A crucian carp?

A hat and



This morning, I decided to ride my bicycle to the office and went outside.

But, it was too cold...

I almost decided not to take my bike, but I went back to my room and got my hat and gloves and bundled up, and then I left!

Ooh! That's better!

Or so I thought...

My face was cold.

I forgot my mask...

I thought my face was going to freeze, so while racing along on my bike I kept opening and closing my mouth really fast.

Thanks to that, my face didn't freeze after all. (LOL)

But, the people who saw me probably thought that with my mouth going like that, I looked like a carp... (>_<)

It's going to get even colder.

What should I do when I ride my bike?

I know! Maybe I should get a ski mask so that only my eyes and mouth stick out? Yeah, I'll buy one!

No wait, I'll look even more suspicious than I do now...

The mask that I got from K-ness that only shows my eyes and mouth would probably look suspicious too, huh?

If you see me like that, please don't be surprised! (^_^)v


A scoop?

Today was my radio show recording.


Before I went into the studio,

I remembered something that I had to do and I went to call my manager.

But I couldn't reach him...

and then, suddenly, I got a text message.

It was from my manager.

When I looked at it, there was a picture attached to it.

Huh!? What??

Huh!? Isn't that me!?

Huh!? Isn't that where I am right now!?

Huh!? Is someone secretly taking pictures of me!?

I was really surprised, and I was looking all around, and suddenly, next to me, a smiling and laughing guy appeared.

It was my manager...

Apparently, I was giving off an aura like I didn't want to be bothered, so he took a picture and sent it.

Yeah...I was kind of annoyed. (ーー゛)

Say something before you take a picture!

Everyone, look out for secret picture-takers.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 11/15/2007, 11/17/2007, 11/18/2007, 11/19/2007, 11/20/2007

FYI, etc...


We expected the last chapter of the monthly lives to be December's "Perfection," but...we messed up the ticket distribution, and we can't sell tickets through the ticket agency.

You can read the details in News. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

So! In the middle of all that, today was the day after tomorrow's "Explosion"'s last rehearsal. Acoustic...are we really going to end on that? Isn't the name of the live "Explosion"? I'm still wondering about it... (LOL) I want to perform in top physical condition! It seems to be fashionable to have a cold these days.



Today is the "Explosion" live. The weather? It's sunny after all. (⌒▽⌒) It's cold but we're going to heat Nobuto up! Tomorrow is a school festival, so I guess we're going for as many parties as possible? I'll try to not drink too much! (LOL) Well well, I'm going to go do "Explosion."

Organization into two parts


I finished the "Explosion" live. There were some new songs in the first 10 songs. Then there was the piano-centered acoustic live, and then 10 encore songs. (LOL) This "Explosion" live was the first time that my usual band experimented so I was nervous in a good way, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was the first time in that venue as well. I wasn't really under a lot of pressure, but there were a lot of technical difficulties too. To all of the people who came, I'm sorry. Well, all that's left is the live on the 22nd of next month, and then this year's monthly lives will be over. For the members of "Danny's" that have grown up with me, and for my wonderful and awesome fans, I'll make "Perfection" a thing of beauty.

The picture is a souvenir from Thailand that I received from Kouhei. They're silk boxers covered in elephants.

A hot school festival...


Yesterday was the second school festival this year. The gymnasium was crowded with awesome people who love anison. Their passion peaked! It was an everyday stage, but I worked up a good sweat. Thank you! Also, the performers: Niisan, Chiinii, Momoi, Chihhii, good work! I want to go to more school festivals in more places and meet more people. I'll try to do that! Good work, members of the executive committee! Thank you for taking care of us! I'll go on with the eyes of a boy today too. 1

1 This is 少年の瞳のままで, the name of Dani's website.

JAM photography get-together...


Yesterday was a photoshoot for JAM members, and radio and DVD recording, etc. etc. Morning until afternoon were full of work. But the sun sets fast in the winter, doesn't it? All of a sudden we're in a cold, wintery world. (LOL) I froze to the bones. Once again, I find myself appreciating the sun's importance. I'll be careful to not let my health go downhill.

Anyways, I have some emergency announcements... 1

1 It's too late for this information anyways... If you really care and really want to see a translation of it, let me know.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In my Heart - JAM Project (translation)

Lyrics: Hironobu Kageyama
Composition: Hironobu Kageyama
Arrangement: Yohgo Kohno

Under this blue planet's sky, tonight, at the end of a long journey
I'll say goodbye to you.
Sometime in the flow of eternity, someday,
We'll definitely meet again

If I close my eyes, deep in my heart, my memories up until yesterday
Are strong and hot, along with my tears, I'm filling up

In my heart, I'll never forget it
In my soul, what we went through
I wasn't alone, no matter when, no matter where
With your heart, instead of goodbye
With your soul, we grip hands
There are no words kinder than that, or more fitting

I'll never forget the time
That I rode with you on the same train of time.
When I'm troubled, I'll always remember
I'm looking at the same future you are

In wind, in water, our dreams will be carried
Today and today, we'll relive it and be connected

In my heart, somewhere in eternity
In my soul, your prayers will bear fruit
Even when we've become stars, even after that
With your heart, instead of goodbye
With your soul, I want to offer you this song
Proud of our courage, and full of love, that's how I feel

In my heart, I wasn't alone
No matter when, no matter where
With your heart, there are no words
Kinder than that, or more fitting

In my heart, somewhere in eternity
In my soul, your prayers will bear fruit
Even when we've become stars, even after that
With your heart, instead of goodbye
With your soul, I want to offer you this song
Proud of our courage, and full of love, that's how I feel

Friend in my heart

Japanese lyrics source
I found these lyrics via a Google search. If they happen to be wrong, my translation may be wrong too.

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 11/19/2007, 11/20/2007, 11/21/2007, 11/23/2007, 11/24/2007, 11/25/2007, 11/27/2007, 11/28/2007, 11/29/2007

Lookin' good - bam! (^▽^)V

Yesterday I had fun singing at a school festival. Health is the most important thing for a person after all, right? (^▽^)V


But in today's college students' eyes, I'm an old man. I've been thinking, I wonder if we seem young compared to our own parents.

During the school festival rush this year I had a lot chance to sing anime songs solo, for the first time in a long time. "Oh, this is the kind of life I'm living now," I reminded myself once again.

Compared to yesterday's performers (Endoh, Dani, Momoi, Chihhii, etc.), I'm way older, so I think we should value each stage one by one, because time is precious, I thought.


In order to be able to run around on that ultimate stage, you must carefully take care of your body, hone your spirit, and reveal the voice in your heart in order to live truly as your own person, I thought. The end.


In a certain place in a city

On the outskirts of Den'enchoufu...

in a strange place...

strange people...

from the morning till the afternoon...

stealthily did something.


Ah, it was cold... It looks like my cold is coming back. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

Shiver shiver...

Well, it's finally cold, like November should be.

Today I woke up early and am singing in the studio again. (^▽^)V


The tea that I drank when I woke up was "Manosamu" health tea that I found at Shinanoya. 1


It's supposed to work. On what? (LOL)

Anyway, I'm honestly sleepy in the morning, but...

Since the morning is the time when your brain is clearest, I don't think I'll make many mistakes.

The middle of the night is dangerous.

The more riled up I get, the more primitive the choices I make are, and I make more mistakes.

It's important to know yourself. It's the foundation of the foundation of everything.

Anyhow, the day after tomorrow, I get to go to Hiroshima, Matsuyama, and Fukuoka, so I'll work really hard today! (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

1 This is the last time I'm gonna translate anything Kageyama says about tea! I like reading about the personal lives of these guys, but holy crap!

...sleepy (-_-)zz


It makes sense that since I woke up at 5:30 I'm sleepy...
Starbucks Starbucks (-_-)zz

Gah ha ha (o‘∀‘o)


This Jive, who I'm working with today! The atmosphere and the boss and the staff are all awesome! I'll do my best on this trip to Hiroshima! \(‾o‾)/

Traveling trance!


It's "Discover Japan"! \(‾o‾)/ Now I'm going to Matsuyama by ferry!

I want to go far away


Udo is strict in the west! The clear soup and the fine green onions. The inarizushi is handmade, too. I can hardly stand it! \(‾o‾)/

A good day trip


Soon I'll arrive at Matsuyama harbor. Since Endoh isn't here today, the weather is wonderful. (LOL)

It was wicked!


I finished the live in MONK in wonderful Matsuyama! Since the room was built for jazz, the sound was really natural! I want to come back! \(~o~)/

Harihariharehariho! \(‾o‾)/


The rocker who woke up early is going to Monji by Seamax! Ho ho! \(~o~)/

Hey Monji Monji!


Kanmonkyou from the window of the Seamax! \(~o~)/ Ah, it's the scene I always saw from Shimoseki!

After all


Here it is! Joyfull! I got here too early! (LOL)

Kyuushu Institute of Technology


One hour until the show! I'm interviewing with the student newspaper! I have nothing to hide. From talking about my part-time jobs when I was poor, to doing the work in my household, I'll talk about anything. If I can become an example to the youth who are carrying the future, I'll let you ask me anything! Because I want to give young people the chance to live how they want to live! I won't just tell you the attractive stuff! \(~o~)/



Today I was on fire! It was the end of the school festival circuit! \(‾o‾)/ Tonight's alcohol is going to taste really good! \(‾o‾)/



Recording for the game version of DBZ! Even though the TV show has been done for however many years, they're still making and releasing new games? I think that's great! Being selected as the singer for "Cha-la Head Cha-la" was way luckier than winning the jumbo raffle at New Year's! \(~o~)/



Today JAM recorded a song! Now we're eating dinner! Matsumoto-sama is absent because of a cold. It sure is quiet... (LOL)


Today I'm writing songs at home.

After my trip, I had to keep up with the DBZ and JAM Project recording, so I'm in trouble if I don't write songs at least a little bit now. (LOL)

Other than JAM Project, I have 3 more songs to do before the year is out. I have some interesting plans, so I'm probably hanging over the edge of the end of the year.

By the way, I have pictures from the other day's acoustic live in Hiroshima, so I'll upload them.

Keep it a secret. (LOL)


I was about 10 kilograms lighter back then. Ha ha ha. ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/8/2007, 11/10/2007, 11/12/2007

my friend

I'm "Ecchi"


This is "Ucchi"

Yesterday, on the way home from work, I went to Asagaya, where I promised that I would go to Ucchi's live.

Ucchi, good work! Your "air drum" (LOL) was cool.

I hadn't been to Asagaya in a long time.

I used to go hang out in Asagaya a lot because my friend lived there.

These past few years we've both been so busy that we haven't been able to see each other.

We talked on the phone sometimes but that's it.

He's from Myanmar.

All of a sudden, I can't contact him anymore.

I'm worried...

I met him 10 years ago.

He loves Japan, and he loves my songs, and he's a nice guy who always cheers me on.

I'm really worried...

Maybe it's a coincidence, but didn't a Japanese journalist get killed in a demonstration in Myanmar? After that happened, we completely lost content...

What happened?!

I hope nothing happened to him.

Please be okay.

Please be smiling.


Singin' in the Rain



all day...

On rainy days, I have no energy.

Even my thinking tends to be negative.

On those days, I always think about "Singin' in the Rain."

Then, I somehow feel better.

It's fun.

Even though it's raining, I want to go outside and dance.

But I don't dance.

...because I can't dance. (>_<)

If I could dance, it'd probably feel good...


Office love




When I went to my office, I found that the songstress Aki Misato-chan had bought Christmas decorations for me and put them on the glass.

Thank you, Misato-chan!

It's already that time, isn't it...

Ah! Incidentally, the one intruding in the picture is the hard-core shopper Hatake-san (LOL). What's she doing? (^_^;)

Last year, Misato-chan decorated for Christmas too.

Hmm, it's like office love...

But it looks like my staff lost last year's decorations somewhere. (>_<)

It's unthinkable, isn't it? (>_<)

Misato-chan has just came back from America and brought me a souvenir.


Thank you!

It sounded like a fulfilling trip.

I see big promise in that little girl. (^_^)

I'll take care of the souvenir!