Friday, December 28, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 11/30/2007, 12/1/2007, 12/2/2007, 12/4/2007

JAM's grandmoth...big sister

Yesterday was the "Sailor Fuku no Matsumossan Bun" recording. "I have to do this, too?" I'm going to end up filling up on too many delicious things. (LOL) Considering everyone's talent, of course it was good! JAM has some gender-ambiguous members. We had so much fun that we looked like idiots. We fused that with coolness, and ended up with one interesting song. It's packed with short little remarks!

Also, today is Rika-chan's birthday. Happy birthday!...

One more month left in this year...

It really feels like winter now. Yesterday was my major debut anniversary. I want to make this a year full of the meaning of my last 14 years. I renovated "News" so please look at it...

Hooray! JAPAN...

Japan's and Korea's baseball teams, it was a nice game. I was nervous and excited. Thank you.

Meanwhile, my health has crashed, and it was a terrible weekend. Everyone, please be careful of your health.

Because of that, there's a going to be a delay in the new song composition I'd planned for December. (LOL) My trials continue but...when I thought ahead to the new songs for "Perfection," I decided on a typical Christmas song.

I don't want to write a super-happy song, but a deep, wide song with which I can express many people's Christmas memories...maybe?

Anyways, I'm looking ahead to my recovery.

Hooray! Hooray! Hoshino JAPAN...

Today was recording in the metropolitan studio. The details are a secret, as usual (LOL).

Meanwhile, during Asia's last preliminary competition for the Beijing Olympics with Taiwan, I watched with sweaty palms. They worked so hard.

I listened to the after-game interview with the coach and the team with a lump in my throat. Ahhh, sports are great. Thank you for moving me.

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