Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 11/15/2007, 11/17/2007, 11/18/2007, 11/19/2007, 11/20/2007

FYI, etc...


We expected the last chapter of the monthly lives to be December's "Perfection," but...we messed up the ticket distribution, and we can't sell tickets through the ticket agency.

You can read the details in News. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

So! In the middle of all that, today was the day after tomorrow's "Explosion"'s last rehearsal. Acoustic...are we really going to end on that? Isn't the name of the live "Explosion"? I'm still wondering about it... (LOL) I want to perform in top physical condition! It seems to be fashionable to have a cold these days.



Today is the "Explosion" live. The weather? It's sunny after all. (⌒▽⌒) It's cold but we're going to heat Nobuto up! Tomorrow is a school festival, so I guess we're going for as many parties as possible? I'll try to not drink too much! (LOL) Well well, I'm going to go do "Explosion."

Organization into two parts


I finished the "Explosion" live. There were some new songs in the first 10 songs. Then there was the piano-centered acoustic live, and then 10 encore songs. (LOL) This "Explosion" live was the first time that my usual band experimented so I was nervous in a good way, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was the first time in that venue as well. I wasn't really under a lot of pressure, but there were a lot of technical difficulties too. To all of the people who came, I'm sorry. Well, all that's left is the live on the 22nd of next month, and then this year's monthly lives will be over. For the members of "Danny's" that have grown up with me, and for my wonderful and awesome fans, I'll make "Perfection" a thing of beauty.

The picture is a souvenir from Thailand that I received from Kouhei. They're silk boxers covered in elephants.

A hot school festival...


Yesterday was the second school festival this year. The gymnasium was crowded with awesome people who love anison. Their passion peaked! It was an everyday stage, but I worked up a good sweat. Thank you! Also, the performers: Niisan, Chiinii, Momoi, Chihhii, good work! I want to go to more school festivals in more places and meet more people. I'll try to do that! Good work, members of the executive committee! Thank you for taking care of us! I'll go on with the eyes of a boy today too. 1

1 This is 少年の瞳のままで, the name of Dani's website.

JAM photography get-together...


Yesterday was a photoshoot for JAM members, and radio and DVD recording, etc. etc. Morning until afternoon were full of work. But the sun sets fast in the winter, doesn't it? All of a sudden we're in a cold, wintery world. (LOL) I froze to the bones. Once again, I find myself appreciating the sun's importance. I'll be careful to not let my health go downhill.

Anyways, I have some emergency announcements... 1

1 It's too late for this information anyways... If you really care and really want to see a translation of it, let me know.

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