Thursday, December 13, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/13/2007, 11/14/2007, 11/18/2007, 11/19/2007, 11/20/2007, 11/21/2007

I think...

Anipara Ongakukan



After that,

Niisan invited me to the program's party, which had nothing to do with me. Sorry for intruding. (^_^;)

Good work, everybody.


there were a lot of people that I knew there. I was surprised!

This world looks big, but it's pretty small.

No, wait,

Our principles make this big world seem small.

Leaders are bound to stick around.

Hmm...anyways, hard work can't hurt you.

Yeah, we have to try!



Pro wrestling association Dragon Gate's


member, K-ness.

My pal K-ness.

K-ness, the teacher of E-ness. 1

Apparently, that guy has started a blog.

The name is "Kunechannel." 2 (^_^)v

When I tried to look at it, I couldn't get in because it was under construction.

No no, don't do that... φ(.. )

Please read "Kunechannel" the same way you do "Enchannel"!

Goodnight (<- This is the original)

1 In an earlier diary entry, Endoh called himself "E-ness" to play off of K-ness's name. By the way, K-ness is the guy who has the JAM Project's logo on his pants.
2 This may be a copy of Endoh's blog's name, "En-channel."

School festival number two



Ikudoku festival

"Perfect combustion live"

Good job everyone.

It was fun. (^^)v

I wonder if everyone at Kanagawakoukadaigaku enjoyed it?

I hope people remember this live when they think about this school festival.

Everyone in the executive committee, and the staff, thank you for taking care of us. m(__)m

Singing felt good.

I even received a beautiful bouquet when I left.


It made me happy...thank you! Take care of yourself.

And the people who came from far away just to see us--thank you! I always appreciate you.

Until we meet again, stay well! (^_^)/~


Anyways, starting today there is a change in the general-sale tickets for "Endoh Masaaki Christmas Acoustic Night 2007 The Present of the Voice."

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but please check the Solid Vox Official Website for details.

So, everybody, I hope tomorrow is a beautiful day too.

Goodnight. <(_ _)>


Today was



The studio was in the city.

The weather was nice.

It felt good. \(^O^)/

After all, you have to photosynthesize once in awhile!

But when the sun set, it got really cold. (>_<)

I mustn't catch cold!

Everybody, please be careful!

Finally, here's a shot I took with Shunji-san.



A crucian carp?

A hat and



This morning, I decided to ride my bicycle to the office and went outside.

But, it was too cold...

I almost decided not to take my bike, but I went back to my room and got my hat and gloves and bundled up, and then I left!

Ooh! That's better!

Or so I thought...

My face was cold.

I forgot my mask...

I thought my face was going to freeze, so while racing along on my bike I kept opening and closing my mouth really fast.

Thanks to that, my face didn't freeze after all. (LOL)

But, the people who saw me probably thought that with my mouth going like that, I looked like a carp... (>_<)

It's going to get even colder.

What should I do when I ride my bike?

I know! Maybe I should get a ski mask so that only my eyes and mouth stick out? Yeah, I'll buy one!

No wait, I'll look even more suspicious than I do now...

The mask that I got from K-ness that only shows my eyes and mouth would probably look suspicious too, huh?

If you see me like that, please don't be surprised! (^_^)v


A scoop?

Today was my radio show recording.


Before I went into the studio,

I remembered something that I had to do and I went to call my manager.

But I couldn't reach him...

and then, suddenly, I got a text message.

It was from my manager.

When I looked at it, there was a picture attached to it.

Huh!? What??

Huh!? Isn't that me!?

Huh!? Isn't that where I am right now!?

Huh!? Is someone secretly taking pictures of me!?

I was really surprised, and I was looking all around, and suddenly, next to me, a smiling and laughing guy appeared.

It was my manager...

Apparently, I was giving off an aura like I didn't want to be bothered, so he took a picture and sent it.

Yeah...I was kind of annoyed. (ーー゛)

Say something before you take a picture!

Everyone, look out for secret picture-takers.


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