Saturday, December 29, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 12/3/2007, 12/4/2007, 12/5/2007, 12/6/2007

Buzzword Contest

"Hanikami Ouji" and


"Dogen kasen to ikan"

won. 1

When I hear about the buzzword contest, it feels like the end of the year.

But, were the winners of this year's buzzword contest really that popular?

I thought it would definitely be "dondakee" and "sonna no kankei nee."

Am I already missing the fashion train? Is it already leaving me behind?

"Demo demo demo demo, sonna no kankei nee, sonna no kankei nee..."


I got carried away...

I'm sorry...I was reflecting... <(_ _)>

Well, in today's world, considering this unreliable country, and the corrupt government, and the deceitful corporations, and we ignorant people, "dogen kasen to ikan" is appropriate..."sonna no kankei nee" is a dangerous thought.

I don't want it to get left behind by the passage of time. I want it to become universal.

By the way, my favorite phrase is not fashionable at all (LOL), but I'll keep using it. (^_^)v


1 If you don't know what the heck this post is talking about, check this out.

Chama's birth

Everybody already knows...


probably, but...

I'll say it just in case.

I won't be appearing in this year's Kouhaku. 1



You already knew?



Well, I just thought I'd say it, just in case...

Ah ha ha ha ha...ahhh (^_^;)

But my schedule was pretty empty this year.

I'm waiting for next year!

Who am I talking to?

Anyway, today is my Chamame's birthday.

Happy birthday!

You always make me happy, Chamame.

Thank you. <(_ _)>

On your birthday, I have one thing to ask of you.

I'm grateful for your waking me up every morning, but would you please stop waking me up by digging into my head with all your strength?

You do it so hard, it feels like my brain is going to fall out.

I'll die!

No matter how much you dig into my head, your favorite treats are not going to come out.

Just that one thing, thanks. (^_^)v


1 A traditional end-of-year showcase/contest for Japan's most popular singers.


On the train to


the radio recording,

I saw this annoying guy taking up two seats and talking really loudly on his cell phone.

So those people still exist...

The train wasn't that crowded, but there were people who were standing.

It was annoying.

But nobody said anything to him.

I was sitting right by him, so of course...

I pretended not to see him... (>_<)

The two old ladies sitting next to me looked like they were pretty angry about that guy's bad manners.

That's exactly right, I know what you're saying, old ladies! That's right! Whisper a little louder so that that guy can hear the nasty things you're saying about him!

Everyone in that car was nodding their heads to what to old ladies were saying.

Then, somebody's cellphone rang.

Geez, who is it this time?

"Hello? Oh, sorry! I'll be there in five minutes, ha ha ha, blah blah blah blah..."


The person who was talking on their phone louder than that annoying guy was one of those old ladies. (>_<)

It's like a comedy.

It's funny.

It's funny, but it demonstrates the acts people put on for each other.

I'm going to watch myself. (-_-)

After the recording, we went to eat dinner.

Terada-san, thanks for the meal. m(__)m



This is


Chinese tea!

I received tea from Aki Misato-chan.

It's supposed to be "beauty-intensifying" Chinese tea.

Misato-chan says that a speciality shop has opened up in her neighborhood.

Niisan has been hooked on the stuff for a long time, though.

Chinese tea is pretty popular lately.

I don't have any tea-preparing tools, but you just put this "beauty-intesifying" tea into hot water.

Simple is best.

You don't just drink it, you can enjoy it with your eyes too.

It's nice. (^_^)v

Thank you, Misato-chan!

Tomorrow I'm going to Nagoya for JAM's campaign.

It starts early in the morning, so I think I'll drink this and then go to bed.


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