Saturday, December 22, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/24/2007, 11/25/2007, 11/26/2007, 11/28/2007, 11/29/2007, 12/1/2007, 12/2/2007


The Nagoya event


Good work!

To the people who got in line early in the cold to see me...thank you! \(^O^)/

I heard that there were even people who got in line last night. I'm really grateful. m(__)m

Don't catch cold, okay?

Since Niisan wasn't there today, the weather was great! (LOL)

Well, I was so happy, I sang longer than I was supposed to.

Did everybody have fun?

I was a little surprised that I was so close to everybody. (LOL)


I could see everybody's smiles, so it was fun!

Mandorake New Nagoya Shop, congratulations on opening!

Also, to the staff and everyone who participated, thanks for taking care of me! Let's work together again!

Well, tomorrow is Kusshii's live.

Tomorrow, with all of my body and soul, and with all my strength, I'll do my best!

People who are coming tomorrow, please support me. (^.^)b

Also, today was my staff member Miyamoto's birthday, so I came home and we drank at my place.


Happy birthday! Let's keep working together! (^_^)/


"Soul Engine"

At Kusshii's live


I was a guest.

You worked hard. m(__)m

Kushida-san's still as powerful as ever, and he keeps powering up.

I'd better concentrate on getting better every day too...

Thanks for everything, Kushida-san.

"Kinnikuman Go Fight!!" was fun. (^^)v

To the audience, thank you! I'm grateful for today too!

Oh yeah, when the live was over, I looked at my cell phone and found a text message.

It was from K-ness...



He defended his title!

Congratulations! \(^o^)/

You did it!

Your new mask is cool, too.

I'll come cheer you on soon!

Alright! I'll try my best too!

Well, goodnight. (^_^)/~


It's my PASMO 1



The train, and the can use this one card for both!


It's kinda fun. (^_^)v

It's so convenient, I should have started using it earlier...

People around me used to scold me all the time and tell me I should get it.

Well, look, if you tell a kid, "Study!!" they'll want to do the opposite, right?

I have that kind of perverse personality...



From now on, I'll listen to the people around me. I get it... (^_^;)


1 It's a pre-paid public transportation fares card.




with JAM.

Today, something sad happened.

We ordered food into the studio.

I ordered warm "Mountain Vegetable Yam Soba," and it was bigger than I expected. I was pretty happy to have a big helping of "Mountain Vegetable Yam Soba."

But, the main yam was under a bunch of broth, so when I finally broke through to the yam, my stomach was full and I couldn't eat it.

So, as a result, tonight's supper was "Mountain Vegetable Soba"... (>_<)

I'm making a vow right here to start eating from the yam next time.

I'm done!


Eating meat!

November 29


"good meat" 1

Today is Good Meat Day.

That had nothing to do with the fact that I ate meat for lunch.

"Japanese Black Cattle Stew Lunch." 800 yen...

Isn't it cheap!?

After all, "good meat" isn't restricted to just the expensive kind... (^_^;)

Without disguising myself or looking dishonest, I think, (LOL) I ate some good meat.

Thank you for the meal!

Anyway, last year, on Good Meat Day, my second album "M.e." came out.

Has it been a year already?

It's gone fast...

On Sky Perfect TV's Star Karaoke, the "M.e." live tour that they broadcast awhile ago was popular, so they're going to run its repeats starting in December.

People watching it at home, please enjoy!

Sky Perfect TV's Star Karaoke is showing, in addition to my live, Niisan's live and Aki Misato's live, so it's a Solid Vox party. (^_^)v


1 If you pronounce the numbers "11/29" a certain way, they become "i i niku," which sounds like "良い肉," "good meat."

The twelfth month

Starting today,


it's December.

In 2007,

one more month

to go.

This year's year

is almost done.


With a smile

and with thanks in my heart

I'll run ahead!




This button...


should I push it, or not?


I'm worried...

At noon, the weather's good, and it's pretty warm.

But when the sun goes down, it's freezing.

If I push this button, warm air will fill this room.

But, if I push it, I'll feel like I've lost, so I can't push it.

I don't know who I'd be losing to, but I always feel conflicted about it.

I feel the same way about the fan in the summer too.

I'm fighting an invisible enemy.

If I push it, I'll become comfortable.

But, I don't want to lose.

But if I catch cold, I'm in trouble. (>_<)

Dear God, please give me the strength to push this button...

I couldn't push it. _| ̄|○


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