Monday, February 18, 2008

In the Chaos - JAM Project (featuring Masami Okui)

Lyrics: Masami Okui
Composition: Yohgo Kohno
Arrangement: Yohgo Kohno

We're being guided towards something
Are we living in an illusion?

Everyone who is picked on every day and can't stop is,
As if they rely on it, crying out for love, wandering
Forever. The armor that locks up my heart,
Before I know it, creates a different me

A beautiful fully-bloomed flower is strongly fragile
The hidden thorn is already broken, nothing can be done...
We're caught in the chaos

Everyone who can't stop their sadness and hatred
Sleep wrapped in shadow, and cry out for the "peace" inside the mirror
Break out now, from the few places where light shined
When it released a locked-up heart

The "real me" that I met holds out a hand
Like light and darkness blending together, we become one
Like an illusion in the chaos

They forgot what's important somewhere
And aimlessly kept searching, drifters
Even if they're burdened with a too-heavy crime,
They go on without noticing

Forever, people have to survive by any means
Until the day I find the answer
I'm going, even though light shined only from a few places
It's guiding the locked-up hearts

The "real me" that I met holds out a hand
So it can be absorbed by light and darkness
I wanted to become a beautiful fully-bloomed flower
With hidden thorns, that's right, even if I hurt somebody
We're illusions in the chaos

Japanese lyrics source: Ghaleo's Blog

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