Friday, February 1, 2008

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 1/12/2008, 1/13/2008, 1/14/2008, 1/15/2008

I have no umbrella

"But my problem is...


today it's raining and I have no umbrella..."

A singer I love, Yohsui Inoue, sang a song called "I Have No Umbrella."

Today, when I went to the convenience store, I had no umbrella!?

When I finished shopping and left the store, I reached out towards the umbrella stand but I had no umbrella.

I think maybe somebody took it by mistake.

It was a brand new plastic umbrella that I'd just bought when it was raining before.

Well, a plastic umbrella looks just like every other plastic umbrella.

They probably thought that it was theirs.

But, the two plastic umbrellas that were left in the umbrella stand were obviously worn out.


Was it on purpose?

Did they know they were committing a crime?

Left over was a worn-out umbrella and a more worn-out umbrella.

Well, which should I take home?

I was worried...

What would you do?


bought a new umbrella. (T.T)

Also, today, January 12, is Jungle Cruz (LOL), Hikarudo Cruz's birthday.


Hikarudo, happy birthday!

He sent me an e-mail that said he's leaving Brazil today to come to Japan to participate in JAM's live.

I get to see him soon!

Be careful on the way over.

Everyone's looking forward to seeing you.

Let's work hard on the live. (^_^)v


First song

The first time


I sang this year.

I went to Kawaguchi to help Niisan with his first acoustic live of the year.

Strangely, the weather was nice, ha ha.

Niisan, you looked good singing. Good job.

Also, he called me onto the stage, and I sang one song.

Without realizing it, I've sung for the first time this year.

Niisan, thank you!

I'm counting on you this year, too.


Emoticon E

On the highway at 4:30 in the morning


I'm ahead of everybody!!

First thing in the morning, I went to Narita Airport with Kuriboh to see Jungle Cruz (LOL), Hikarudo Cruz, as he arrived in Japan.

But, I'm sleepy... (>_<)

The airplane arrived when it was supposed to.

After we waited for a little bit, he finally came out.

Hikarudo, welcome! (^O^)/


Welcome to Japan!

But, those clothes...

Isn't it kind of cold? (LOL)

How was he?

"Yeah! I'm fine! I forgot all of the coffee that I bought everyone as a souvenir in Paris Airport! Ha ha ha ha ha..."

It's been a long time since I've seen Hikarudo, but he's the same as ever. (^_^)v

Starting tomorrow, let's work hard on the JAM rehearsals!


The path to the beginning of rehearsals

JAM rehearsal



Today's rehearsal studio was about a 20-minute walk from the nearest station.

You go through the shopping district but still...

It sucks. (>_<)

It wasn't just the walking that sucked.

There was so much temptation in the shopping district!

I heard an old lady's voice say "The fried sweet potatoes are delicious!" and I bought some without thinking...

I kept paying attention to the clothing stores.

There was a store selling the plastic models I used to like.

I went here...

And I went there...

Apparently, I like shopping districts.

Because in the city, you don't get much human contact.

Without knowing it, am I looking for human contact?

I'm jealous of the shopping districts in some cities.

Next time I move, I'll pick a city with a good shopping district.


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