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Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 12/18/2007, 12/19/2007, 12/20/2007, 12/21/2007, 12/26/2007

Today was




Before that, there was a meeting about JAM's live.

Thanks to all of you, our tickets are apparently very popular.

We're very happy. <(_ _)>

But, on the other hand, now we're under pressure.

We have to try to meet everyone's expectations 120%.

I can feel myself tensing up...

Alright, we're gonna do it!


Well, I have lots to do tomorrow.

I have to prepare for tomorrow.

So, everybody,


Today was also




I left in the middle to do the final radio show recording of the year.

Today, guests came, so we taped three really loud shows.

Mmm, I'm tired. (>_<)

Somehow, thanks to you, Super Robo OG Radio "Umasugi Wave" will be one year old in January.

It went by so fast.

Thank you to everybody who listens to us.

Please continue to relax, listen, and laugh with us next year. <(_ _)>

Then, after the radio recording, I ran back to the studio and continued recording there.

Today ended without any major problems.

I'm grateful for all that.

I'll work hard tomorrow too.





for tomorrow's live

Nothing left but to do it!

I sang a little too much. (>_<)

I'm just looking forward to the show tomorrow.

I've always wanted to do a Christmas live.

I wanted to be able to relax and let everyone listen to my singing, so I'm glad that I could finally do it.

Everyone who is coming tomorrow, please enjoy a different Masaaki Endoh than usual!

2007's last live

"Masaaki Endoh Christmas acoustic night 2007 'The present of the voice'"

Look forward to it! (^_^)v


CAN 2007

Everyone who came to the Christmas live


thank you <(_ _)>

How was my first acoustic live?

I think...

it was fun. (^_^)v

I wonder if the audience enjoyed it.

It was cold outside, so I wonder if anyone caught a cold on the way home.

I wonder if they went home warmed by my songs.

Being able to spend Christmas a little early with everybody was a great Christmas present.

Everyone, thank you so much.

Ah! After the show was over, when I went to the green room, there was a package of shouchuu and cake.


From Kushii...It's Akira Kushida-san!

That's so kind of you.

Also, to Dragongate's Nakazawa-san and Shio-san, thank you for coming. m(__)m

Today was the last time I sing solo in front of everybody this year.

Members, staff, thanks for your hard work.

Everybody, please support me next year too!



The innocence of that time...


I don't want to lose it...

An older student from my hometown contacted me to let me know that our friend passed away.

I can't believe it.

I simply can't believe it.

It was too soon.

The last time I saw her was on February 25 at the M.e. live I performed at HOOK in Sendai.

It was the first time we'd seen each other in awhile, and we both said, "You haven't changed!" and laughed embarrassedly.

She was one year older than I was.

She was a vocalist like me, so she was a good rival.

No, actually, I was competing with her, but it was one-sided.

At that time, no matter how much I struggled, I couldn't match you.

I regret that...every single day, I aimed to be like you.

But you had something that I couldn't get with hard work.

It was something that technique and experience couldn't make up for.

You had an intense aura.

You had endless light and warmth.

You were like the sun.

So there were always lots of people gathered around you.

Your smiling face made everybody happy.

Your warmth and light helped me grow.

Thanks to you, I learned hard work.

Thanks to you, I learned the importance of a smile.

Thanks to you, I sing like this now.

I really can't believe it.

I can't believe it.

I wanted you to hear me sing more, I wanted you to hear how much I've matured since then.

You were a legendary vocalist in our hometown and now you've actually become a legend.

That's sneaky.

You're sneaky.

We'll have to postpone our competition for now.

Please watch over me from the sky so that I can become a cool singer who won't embarrass you.

And when I go there someday, let's play a session together.

Until then


And thank you so much, Aoyagi-san.

-Masaaki Endoh

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