Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 12/28/2007, 12/30/2007, 1/1/2008, 1/6/2008, 1/7/2008,

Hey! What do you mean, rain?! (9 ̄^ ̄)9


Even though the weather's been so nice...furthermore, they're saying it's going to continue until tomorrow evening...how do they pinpoint it like that? (LOL)

Today was rehearsal for the party, and then after the final meeting, I went to Nii-san's studio.

I had a lecture on my new home recording equipment--the lecturer was Kageyama-sensei. Hearing what he said was more useful than reading the instructions. The lecture easier to understand...he's so good at teaching!

It was in contrast to his lectures about singing. (LOL) You were a kind teacher. Thank you.

Alright! In preparation for tomorrow, I'm going to drink and go to bed!

Oh yeah, it's sudden, but in our excitement for 2008, we've made an exciting decision! After the long wait (consult JAM's capture book), we're going to Korea. Details are in "News."

Emotions and regret (⌒~⌒;A

Yesterday was the final work? singing? of the year, at the Solid Vox fanclub party. The crowd that came and the celebs and the gentlemen, and the hall and the food and everybody was too wonderful...(LOL) Thank you for an incredibly nice time. When I saw people off I could shake their hands and talk a little bit...I wonder if I'll be able to get even closer to everybody. Thank you so much for everything this year.

Then, immediately after I went to the Solid Vox end-of-year party--I was stuck in the same place. (LOL) The mood was serious. Before we drank, we had a chugging contest with "Strong Tumeric." (LOL) I'm thinking about it now, but...we ate the shop's main dish, but I don't remember what was in the pot. (HA HA) Something happened during the second round of karaoke, too, but...I don't really remember much. (;´ー`)┌ 

The way I drink alcohol hasn't changed in a long time. I don't have any brakes, and I wind up "ruined"...The people I was drinking with had to take turns taking care of me, and neither one of them could get drunk. (;´ー`)┌

So because of that, I've had the worst hangover all day today. My voice is hoarse and I feel terrible and I can't eat anything.... It took half the day until my body went back to normal. Well, that's how it always is. (LOL)

I was supposed to be at JAM's (new) band's rehearsal, but without my setting one foot outside of my house, New Year's Eve is over. But, I got a message from Hideki that said, "It's just like you!" so I felt better. He's Dany's number 1 big-shot. (LOL) I'm glad that happened.

Starting next year, I want to be more serious and be careful of how I drink alcohol...Because I have to go overseas, I should be careful of my health.

Happy new year!


Everybody, "Happy new year!" Tokyo entered 2008 with beautiful weather.

Everyone who took care of me last year, thank you, and I'm counting on you this year, too.

Yesterday was last year's greatest task! I fought hard--it was a repeat of a repeat. (LOL) I finally succeeded in booting up my M-Box! I can finally take my place among the ranks of the ProTool users.

This year, I want to challenge myself in songmaking using this machine.

In 2008, I'll work harder than I did last year. Please keep your expectations of me...

New machine


I'm sorry that it's been so long since I've updated my diary...since it's New Year's, I tried drinking during the day whenever I want, and eating whatever I want, and sleeping whenever I want. (LOL)

I tried the "useless human being" (LOL) lifestyle for one day...and...

...it felt really dangerous. (゜o゜;)

How scary...how terrible...

So I went back to my normal lifestyle and memorized songs for Mizuki-san's event and of course for JAM's tour, and I read the manual for my new machine and fought with it. (LOL) I also worked out a little bit. This year, my physical condition is more important than usual.

Oh yeah! Takagawa School from Yamaguchi is in the high school soccer finals! You can do it!

I'm going to Mizuki-san's 40th-year live today. Happy birthday, Mizuki-san.

Oh yeah! The photo is my new buddy. Smooch! ( ^ З^)-☆


Yesterday I went to Mizuki-san's live. He turned 60, so he sang 60 songs. It was a 5-hour-long live.

However...why are anison singers so young? At concerts and at meetings and at whatever they do, their eyes are just like a young boy's. (LOL)

This year makes 40 years since Mizuki-san's debut. "I'm not at full power yet!" he said.

Please stay just like this in Korea. Good work, and congratulations.

Happy Birthday


Kuwayan!...that is, today was Kuwa-chan's 40th birthday. Happy birthday!

When I went to Solid Vox to get the papers for my visa to Korea, I received a lot of New Year's cards from everybody. Thank you.

Long time no seeeee!


Yesterday I was a guest in Sakura Nogawa's Marshmallow Time. I hadn't seen Sakura-chan since the summer. It's been a very long time. The broadcast is on the day for "No Border" pre-orders, January 22.

After that I went to JAM's new band's rehearsal...do your best, new band.

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