Thursday, October 25, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 10/25/2007

Run? Walk?


Today's studio was in West Azabu

You can walk there from Shibuya in about 15 minutes...maybe...

So I decided to walk to the studio!

It was the first time I walked that way, it felt good v(^o^)

There was some fresh scenery, it felt good v(^o^)

And the weather was good, it felt good v(^o^)

As a bonus there was a nice breeze, it felt good v(^o^)



I've been walking for more than 15 minutes...

I'm still not there?

I'm not even halfway there?

I misestimated

I'm gonna be late...

So I'm gonna run!

Before I sang, I sweated a good amount (^_^;)

I was tired...but

Because of that, I was nice and warmed up, and I could record

today's song well

Good thing, good thing

I'll do my best tomorrow too!

Everybody, good job today!


1 Endoh pretty much always ends his blog post with "おや睡眠,"
(oyasuimin) a pun on "oyasumi" (goodnight) and "suimin" (sleep).

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