Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 10/28/2007, 10/30/2007, 10/31/2007

With a smile


I recorded "Smile"!

Finally, under the amazing fall sun, I completed the vocals and the chorus. Also, I'm so happy to have recorded my own melody and lyrics!

Also, we took the jacket picture that I thought we'd take the other day today, behind schedule.

We only had a short break in the recording, but I think we took a pretty good picture...I look like the 4th-ranked host in a Shinjuku host club. (LOL)

This picture is my delighted smile ("smile 1") in the car on the way home after recording.

1 Here he writes "スマイル," (sumairu) "smile" in katakana, as opposed to "笑顔," (egao) "smile" in Japanese.

Going by train

Yesterday, we began our secret recording in the morning (LOL). Then there was a meeting about the new song in my office. Then the Solid Vox meeting ended. Finally, I went to the studio and worked on the trackdown for "Smile."

Anyway, today is JAM's press conference. I'll try not to stutter. (LOL)

It's finally over...

Yesterday was JAM's shocking 2008 press conference and information session.

I was nervous like I usually am at press conferences, but yesterday I could see the faces of all of JAM's supporters and I could relax more than usual. Thank you! In 2008, JAM Project will try our best to meet everyone's expectations. Of course, because everyone likes songs and anison...

Also, I've been working on the song that's due today all day. Right now it's a little before 1:00 A.M...I made it in time, somehow. The monthly solo live rehearsal starts tomorrow! Ah! Next
month's new song...... (;´ー`)┌ ....I'll do my best.

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