Monday, October 29, 2007

Hironobu Kageyama Diary Update - 10/27/2007 and 10/29/2007

Ray (^▽^)V

At yesterday's recording, the program's regular band that I played "Cha-La Head Cha-La" with knew the song. (^▽^)VIt's a band called "Rey." One of them is Nabe-chan's, Endoh's band's guitarist's, protegee. He came to AJF and to my 30th anniversary live. Nabe-chan introduced us and we got to know each other.

So, during a break in recording we were talking about a bunch of things, like they said that they're all from Kyuushuu (one is from Beppu, one is from Miyazaki, and three are from Kagoshima). They all just graduated from a music school in Hakata this spring, and they're only 21 years old, and they love anison, and in their lives they do covers of my songs and JAM's songs....

Anyway. I especially like the vocalist, Kenta Harada's 1, earnest demeanor and smile. Also, his voice is still immature, but from that, he can pull out and emotional and hot-blooded song. (Like Hikarudo 2)


This is a picture of yesterday's upbeat rehearsal. Even though it was a rehearsal, there were still guys pumping their fists in the first row--isn't that kinda fake? (LOL)

Even though it was a rehearsal for a show, everyone got really excited for me. It made me really happy.

The real show was even more amazing. The audience heroically packed into the Astro Hall. (^▽^)V

I almost forgot that I was being recorded. Incidentally, I also forgot the lyrics to "Soldier Dream." (LOL)


Of course, the girls were cute, as opposed to how "yaoi girls" are usually thought of. Also, Hanawa is an unbelievably good person. I honestly hope they call me again.


1 I'm not sure about this name.
2 Ricardo Cruz

Am I really a sun man 1??? ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

Hello hello, this is the man in charge of the typhoon. (* ̄▽ ̄*)

Yesterday I performed the second part of my school festival circuit under the autumn sun. I went to the (arbitrarily chosen) Chibakeizai University.

I only went to high school, so I think campuses are pretty nice.


If I hadn't become a musician, I wonder what college I would want to go to and what I would want to study?

I never think about. (LOL) I can't imagine having a different life. (LOL)

But, at yesterday's talk show, the talking was more important than the singing. They kind of just wanted me to keep saying something...(LOL)

Right now, I don't hide much of my private life or my past and I try to walk on the path of a "single-minded life," so I could speak frankly.

Since the time when I was about 21 years old was the time when I was the most nervous about the future, it wasn't a bad thing for me to talk about that time in my life. My old, unexperienced, helpless self was stupid but cute. (^▽^)V

Then, I sang "Cha-La Head Cha-La" and "Heats."


The speciality school I sang at before also wanted "Heats." I wonder why? Maybe it's this generation...anyway, I'm happy.

At the entrance, the school's executive director, Mr. Ishii, was told "JAM Project" by an older student. It looks like it's the first time he'd heard of me.

Yeah, it's all because I entered the JAM Project. I'm happy that I'm the eldest member. (^▽^)V

It was a short time, but it was an important experience. Everyone at Chibakeizai University, thank you so much!

However, Mr. Ishii. There's no way I could eat these huge bento boxes by myself. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏


1 There's apparently a joke among the anison singers that Kageyama is an "雨男" (ameotoko), or "rain man"--that is, his presence causes rain.


Flavio said...

Today, i read the Harada's diary he is a great fan of Kageyama! He wrote "My dream comes true, i sunged in the same stage that Kage-sama" heheheh
Maybe this band name "RAY" comes from "LAZY" name? o_0 Reiji/Lazy = Ray

Elsa, tomorrow is the JAM annouce!
kokoro ga tokidoki shite imasu!

human_wreckage said...

Yeah, maybe that's where they got their name from...Kageyama spelled it two different ways in his diary, so maybe it's katakana.

That's right, the announcement! What are they going to announce? Doesn't Hikardo know? :)

Flavio said...

No...but he told me that will going to Japan in February to sing in JAM new tour