Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 10/26/2007 and 10/27/2007

Niisan's curse?

Yesterday, even though I was completely exhausted and went to
bed after 3:00, today is still the same old routine.

I got up at 7:07... (;´ー`)┌
Is Niisan cursing me somehow?
An old-man curse? From the west1? (LOL)

Today is finally "Danny's2" first recording. So I wouldn't forget,
I've been making preparations since the morning. It's such a pain!
I hear that we're also taking the jacket cover photo. Of course, it'll
just be me. (LOL) I think... (ha ha)

I'll carry everyone's smile and singing voice along with me, just like
at a live! I'll do my best!

1 Sorry, I don't get the reference...
2 "Danny's" is the band that Kitadani is performing with for his
solo work.

What's with this rain? (;´ー`)┌。。。

It's raining soooo must be because of the typhoon, huh?

Well, yesterday was "Danny's" first recording. The 20-something
youngsters made the studio work fun. (By the way, the studio's
assistant engineer was 21 years old, too.)

I'm so proud of all the band members. It's a little different from
playing live, huh?

The year since we formed (LOL) seems like the blink of an eye! All
it took was, "1, 2, and..." and we recorded! It must be because of
the monthly lives.

However, it makes me feel like things how good Hideki's decisions
are and the scene at recording are unimportant, appearance-based

Also, Kouhei's elegant grand piano playing and profile are so cool
that why he doesn't have a girlfriend is a mystery... (ha ha)
Also, because I've had two days in a row of sleep deprivation, when I
went home and started drinking, I just passed out. (LOL)

Well, tomorrow we're recording the vocals for "Smile"'s chorus. I'm
going to go record an awesome song!

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