Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/3/2007, 11/4/2007, 11/6/2007


It's Culture Day. 1


So, I'm gonna try thinking about culture.
If I think about culture really hard,
it makes my head hurt. (LOL)

So, I thought about some kind of easy parts of Japanese culture.

What are some things that are representative of Japanese culture?

"Tea ceremonies," "flower arranging," maybe things like that...

Of course, nowadays "anime" is a good representative of Japanese culture.

If you go to a foreign country, the popularity of Japanese anime is amazing!!

If you think about food culture,

"sushi," "tempura," "sukiyaki"...

I like all of those (^_^)v

A long time ago, a foreigner said,

"Why does Japan have so much delicious food?"

Their surprise left a strong impression on me.


I have a lot of likes and dislikes, so when I think about food culture, I think that it's good that I was born Japanese.

On the point of lifestyle culture, maybe there are a lot of foreigners who misunderstand it.

On the other hand, we probably misunderstand a lot about other countries...

Did you know that in some countries' textbooks, the introduction to Japanese culture writes about things like "harakiri," "kamikaze," and "topknot hairstyles"?! What era is that? I was shock-shock-g-shocked.... 2

What? My jokes are in the wrong era too? (>_<)


1 Culture Day is a Japanese holiday in commemoration of...culture.
2. The only "g-shock" I could find that this joke might refer to would be the Casio watches.




Take me for a walk!

The weather's nice!

I'm about to run away...

While we're at it,

Stop coming home drunk and fighting with me!

It's annoying!!

-by Pocchi

Ok, sorry.... (^_^;)

-by Endoh


1 This is pronounced "yoroshiku" but the kanji are different than what "yoroshiku"'s usually are. It seems like this is a more rude way to write it? That's just my guess though. Sorry.

Who is it?



this morning I woke myself up by talking in my sleep. (LOL)

I don't remember what kind of dream I had....

I forgot, but

I remember what I said.

"Get him! Get him!!"


It was obviously a pretty tense dream.

Judging from these words, I was a feudal lord or something.

Maybe some bad guy was trying to kill me?

Anyways, it's good that nothing really happened. (^_^)v


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