Friday, November 30, 2007

Hiroshi Kitadani Diary Update - 11/11/2007, 11/12/2007, 11/14/2007

These two days...


Yesterday was JAM's recording, but actually it was dubbing the music. Daniel, the Dani from Brazil who's famous for having a tattoo of Niisan (LOL) and his friends came to hang out. He showed me his new, real tattoo. It was so pretty! It looked just like Niisan. (LOL)

The Brazilian Dani is a handsome man. Work harder, Japanese Dani! (HA HA)

I'm working on secret lyrics (LOL) and lyrics, song writing, and work for the solo live, so I went to the studio early. In the middle of the night, I finally finished writing the secret lyrics.

Today I went to a performance of Mayumi Tanaka's at Shimokitazawa Honda theater.

I saw Oda-san, who wrote "One Piece," and Yao-san etc. for the first time in a while. Everyone seems busy, same as usual. After the performance, they all ran off. All of the performers did great!

Well, all that's left is the lyrics to the new song. I'll try to make it sweet!

Kuma-chan Wa's....


...interview in my office. I did it together with Chiini. The issue goes out November 25!

Before that, I went shopping for outfits at 109 for the first time in a while. As usual, it was a cross-dresser's paradise. It was full of glamour. (LOL)

The lyrics to the love song....are more difficult than I thought. (;´ー`)┌



Yesterday, for the first time in a long time (LOL), we recorded an episode of Anipara Ongakukan where I was a singing guest.

My song was, of course, "Endless Dream." It was the first time I sang it live on TV, so I was a little nervous, but I sang it okay. It'll air on Wednesday, November 28, so look forward to it, okay?

Anyway, today I wrote lyrics and practiced singing to my own accompaniment all day. Tomorrow's the last rehearsal, so I barely made it... (;´ー`)┌ Good, good. But I still haven't chosen a title. (LOL) I'll just call it "Love Song" for now.

I'm still trying and trying and trying to get the songs to soak into my body.

The picture is a picture I received in a message from Hideki-kun. He discovered a "Dani-kun" in a pet shop! Apparently, he's cheap but....he lives a long time too. (HA HA)

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