Saturday, November 3, 2007

Masaaki Endoh Diary Update - 11/1/2007 and 11/2/2007


Starting today


it's November.

It came so soon!

I still have to do this and a heartbeat, the year is going to end!

Oh no!

A lot of items are rising in price, sir!

Regular gasoline is 150 yen a liter!

So expensive!

There's also gas and electricity, right? And curry and snacks and pet food and...

It also looks like the price of beer is going to go up...

The prices of this and that is going up, going up, going up....hurry up, housewives!

Prices are going up but it's necessary for the products themselves...there's nothing we can do.

Oh no!

If I take advantage of this flood of price raises, I wonder if I my guaranteed salary will go up... (^_^;)


School festival

At Bunkyo University's 40th festival


I sang.

It was only 3 songs, but it was fun.

I like school festivals.

I never went to school, so....hmmm....what is it? Maybe campus life? I want to experience it. (^O^)

If I'd gone to college, would my life be different? When I think about that....



Mm, but maybe even if I'd done that, I would still be singing songs after all. (LOL)

Anyway, everybody, good job today! m(__)m

People who came from far away just to see us--I'm happy! Thank you! (^.^)b

The executive committee who took care of us and the staff, thank you!


Take care of yourself! \(^O^)/


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