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Well, well

Yesterday and today was recording with Kouei-san. I wonder how many songs we've made...maybe just enough for a mini album. (^▽^)V

These days, it's normal for voice actors and actors to sing. They have a lot of fans, after all. (^▽^)V

And, yesterday's thing with Kan-kun(?) was over within two hours, as usual. It wasn't rushed, but it wasn't that relaxed either.

Yeah, definitely...that's about the right length. Because if it were any longer, we'd lose our abilities to concentrate, and we would end up just covering up our mistakes, and it wouldn't be creative.

In those two hours, we recorded two or three, and then went over details. Yep, it was a happy time. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

But, if it were a member of the JAM Project, I wouldn't let them take more than an hour to figure stuff out.

A person who takes more than an hour per song is just wasting money. (LOL)

Kondoh-chan (^▽^)V

Yesterday was the trackdown for Kouei-san's song.

Of course, the engineer was Kondoh-chan.


He coldly turned his back to me. (LOL)

Shanpuu Ouji. Wai Wai World Seamall. And then, right now, right here, the percentage of songs that are Kondoh-chan's is going up. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

For JAM Project too, even if Sakamoto-san does the mix, Kondoh-chan does the vocal recording, so I owe him a lot.

For a singer, an engineer who is talented at vocal recording is important. He's done the recording for more than 600 songs, and you can see it.

These days, I can sing with the engineer who is easiest for me to work with, but in the past, it was almost always hit-or-miss. (LOL)

Now is better. Since I got a job with Lantis, I can work with Nakayama-san, Sakamoto-san, Kondoh-san. I have to be grateful that I can record songs in an unstressful environment.

And, conversely, I hope that our vocal recording doesn't stress the engineers... ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏ (LOL)


About the JAM Project!

As I expected, the JAM Project is my life. I'm going to cherish the process, not the results.

Naturally, this applies to writing songs.

I want to make "No Border" a good song. I want us to be able to confidently say that it's our best.

A song that we think is good. A style that we like. A chord progression that we like. A melody curve that we like. Relief...pride...etc. that we like.

A path that we can walk on without worrying. Haven't we been walking on that path all along? >Have I?

The path that we should be walking on now.

That is, advancing while believing in the uncomfortable first experience of that ocean of sound, relying only in the compass in your heart.

"Open the door. We may find a new JAM Project."

11/7 14:14
Chinese Goods Store (^▽^)V

So yesterday, when I went shopping in the neighborhood, all of a sudden, I discovered a store that sells Chinese tea!


Wow...this kind of store is this close to my house? ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

Without thinking about it, I ended up buying oolong tea and tea-making supplies.

Also, they sold Korean corn tea, but I didn't buy any.

They had a lot of other Chinese teas and tea-making supplies too.

Now, without going to Chinatown or Shimoseki's Alley Run (LOL),

I can drink my favorite tea. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)


Then, since that happened, I wanted to buy an electric pot that I can boil water in (the one I have now only goes to 98 degrees C). I went to Kojima Denki because I'd heard that Chinese tea should be steamed and shouldn't have a taste from the pot.

But, mwa ha ha, I wound up buying it. After all, the Chinese tea was made in China. (LOL)


When you look at this teapot, your heart calms down.


This is a Korean teapot that I received from a Korean fan when I went to do the live recently in Korea. It has the same kind of pattern as is found in upper China.

And can I describe the porcelain there are a lot of little, old cracks, so it's really beautiful. (^▽^)V


And, this is roasted buckwheat. (^▽^)V

Tea tea tea!! 1 (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

Because I didn't really come out of the studio yesterday either, I drank Chinese tea for a change of pace.

Yesterday...oriental beauty, and "white peony" or something like that...I started from the black-tea-like, easy-to-drink group, and then the last ones were the wild, bitter leaf tea. Surfing Chinese tea sure takes a while. (LOL)

This wild, bitter leaf tea tasted better than I thought, so this morning, as soon as I got up, I tried the even more bitter "one leaf bitter leaf tea," but...

[pic]''s...bitter. ┓( ̄∇ ̄;)┏

It was like the "senburi tea" you drink in a funny "batsu game."

Yuck, it was really bitter. I made a mistake in measuring...I used too much. (LOL)

Well, I'll try my best today too!

1 It's a pun--it means "tea tea tea," but it's pronounced "cha cha cha!"

Dekkon V (^▽^)V

Yesterday, I had some things to do, so I went to Solid Vox. When the elevator came down, there was a mat in the entranceway with the company's name on it.

I never noticed it till now.


Also, a present from Kim-san of South Korea's New Type Editorial arrived.


Dekkon V!

Because he promised he'd send it to me on my last night in Seoul.

I'm happy. (^▽^)V

Even though it's raining...

I forgot to change the ends of my windshield wipers, and I went all the way to Yokohama hearing "squeaky squeaky." (^▽^)V

It was a JAM Project recording. We replaced the drum, bass, and guitar, and the keyboard, in "Shuraki," which I arranged. Of course, this guitar track was better than the one I played. (LOL) But, we left my guitar in a few places. That's what you get! Ψ( ̄∀ ̄)Ψ Kya ha ha.

And then, of course, we also replaced the harmonica that I played. (LOL) Since no one was there, Inoue-kun played it. All of the estimated tens of thousands of Pocky 1 fans all over the country are gonna buy this, huh? ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

And then, my friend came to hang out at the studio.

It was Daniel, all the way from Sao Paulo. (^▽^)V


That's right, I'll never forget Daniel's face my whole life. (LOL)

He was lost and made his way to the fifth floor of the Landmark Plaza, and then he called my cell phone and I went to meet him outside of the studio, but he came running from far away and gave me a big hug. That's dangerous, Daniel. We're both men. (LOL)

Daniel's careful. "Isn't my coming an interruption?" He kept saying that. Kind of like an old-time Japanese person. (LOL)

He's working in Japan for a little bit and he's studying Japanese, so he can come hang out!! Hika 2 is coming in a month, too, so it'll be fun. (〃⌒ー⌒〃)

1 Shunji Inoue was "Pocky," the keyboardist, in Lazy.
2 Ricardo Cruz

Today, too...

I was pretty much in the studio all day. I have no choice but to give myself more hurdles. Yeah, it's hard. But, I'm happy that it's finished. My happiness overpowers the difficulty. Ah, I have that kind of masochistic life. ( ●  ^  -  ^  ● )

I changed my shampoo.


Onstage at a school festival, when I said that I use xxxx, a beautician that I know said "That shampoo you use has all kinds of stuff in it and it clogs up your pores and makes your hair fall out."

Well, when my time comes, I want to live like Chiharu Matsuyama 1, but I don't want to talk on the phone to strange companies and wear hats and bandannas.

But just in case, I want to do what I can. (LOL) I changed to "Soap Shampoo," with no additives.

But, check this out. After I shampooed, when I touched my hair, it made a sound.

When I was a kid, when I washed my face with soap, it made that sound...yeah, I'm a relic from the Showa era. ヽ( ̄▼ ̄*)ノ

1 Chiharu Matsuyama

11/13 14:33
Re re re?


When I went into the green room, they were there!

I thought it was a delivery but it was a guest... (LOL)

11/13 17:30
Long time no see!


Mikuni-chan's turn is over! \(~o~)/ She's as cute as usual, and her singing's good too! Mikuni's the best! ヾ(=^▽^=)ノ

Change! Charge! Challenge!!!

The Live House where we recorded the Anipara live was underground. This building's dry area.

It's the only place where you can get cell phone service. So, there was always someone talking there.


Doesn't this look like a gremlin's house?

Somebody was always saying that. (LOL)

So, yesterday's Anipara guest was Dani and Mikuni-chan. Both of them talked with all their might.

Especially Dani, he's like my kid. (LOL) When I see him frantically singing the Yuugioh song, I kind of want to help him step up.

This isn't just as the chief of production. It comes from my own experiences as well. After all, being an artist isn't just about being able to sell or not being able to sell; the most happiness comes from figuring out your own ideal style.

So, let's fight next year. Let's fight to change our awareness (this is important), and learn new skills, and be reborn. (^▽^)V

The Manga Trio is out of business. "Flip out on Endoh and step all over him." I'm going to work harder on this. (LOL)

Also, tonight is the launch of "Shanpuu Oujisan." The anime is just beginning, but there is a party now because the people who made it are done.

With this job came friends who aren't involved with JAM Project. Mika-chan, Kuuko-chan, Sukee, Yukachan...everyone did a good job. I'm proud of you, as a friend.

Artists are sensitive and work hard to get their message out! If they aren't, they're just mere perfomers. It's boring.

So, for us, it's a Change! Charge! Challenge!! Fortune favors those who take risks. (^▽^)V

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