Sunday, May 25, 2008


Super-late live report of Anipara Extreme Live below!!!

My apartment building is supposed to get free internet next month so hopefully regular updates will resume soon!!!

ENSON comes out June 11! Payday is June 12! Guess where the first 3000 yen of my paycheck is going!

Seriously, have you seen this?

But I can`t go to the campaign in Osaka because of, you know, work. :( Oh well.


Anonymous said...

And have you read that the new JAM Project album AND DVD has been announced on official site ? :P
The report was awesome! I was laughing while reading, just imagining what it was like :D

Fru said...

Oh, and I saw the official Lantis site for ENSON - there was a link on En-chan's blog :P My current favourite is the Sousei of Aquarion cover.
And I'm seriously interested how the cover of the last song turned out, since Endoh is the original singer, and he was one of the arrangers of the cover... (Ano kawa wo koete)
Cheers to wikipedia for this little info!
Oh, and the post before that was also by me, I just forgot to put my name there.

Shinigami said...

This Album will rock all the world

Hope u do not disappear.

Can u translate peaceful one?

Fru said...

Waaaai! ENSON is out!!!! Please post some audio here for the less fortunate :(
Oh, and have you read that Kitadani is going to have his first album released? Can't wait for that one too! Now I have something else to look forward to besides the JAM Project album :D

Shinigami said...

I got the ENSON, this one is fucking AWESOME!